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NHL Power Rankings for April 3- 2007

The final week of the season has arrived. The Wings take over the two spot, but the biggest winner of the week are the Ducks, who move up three spots, while the losers of the week are the Canucks who drop three. The Devils move up in the power rankings despite firing their coach.

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1 (1)

50-21-7 Maxim Afinogenov and Tim Connolly will be back by the weekend, making the Sabres that much more difficult to beat.
2 (3) 48-19-12 Injuries may be to blame for the Preds getting passed by the Wings, but they are still a force to be reckoned with.
3 (2) 49-23-7 Preds and Wings caught up in a high stakes game of top this for the Central Division crown and the one seed in the West.
4 (5) 49-26-4 Jonathan Cheechoo keeps the Shark Attack alive, and headed for a possible division title.
5 (7) 47-20-12 Quack Attack still holding firm, but Dallas and San Jose right on their tails.
6 (6) 48-25-6 Dallas could be slipping with a couple of close losses, but are still there heading into the final week.
7 (4) 47-24-7 The Sedin twins lead the Canucks into the division title chase.
8 (10) 47-24-8 Claude Julien is a horrible coach, all he did was take the Devils to the second-best record in the east. In other news, Lou Lamarillo is still insane. This just makes me wonder what happened to Robbie Ftorek?
9 (8) 47-24-8 Lost in Heatley-manina in Canada’s capital city is the fact these guys are outstanding on defense.
10 (11) 45-23-11 Sidney Crosby is the best player in the game, and he’s only 19.
11 (9) 45-26-8 Losses to Calgary and Colorado hurts their quest to win a division title.
12 (12) 43-25-10 The Flames have all but put the dagger in the heart of the Avalanche.
13 (13) 43-32-4 Still leading that pack of teams for one of the final two playoff spots.
14 (14) 41-27-11 Thrashers clinch their first ever playoff berth. Could a division title soon follow?
15 (15) 41-29-9 Rangers have three huge games this week ro determine if they keep the six seed.
16 (17) 41-30-7 Peter Budaj goes 10-0-2 in March to keep the Avs alive.
17 (18) 41-32-6 Cristobal Huet is back for the Habs, Canes are done.
18 (16) 39-32-8 Ray Whitney is leading this underachieving team.
19 (18) 38-30-11 Leafs are done after a huge loss in New York.
20 (19) 36-30-12 Just think, Islander fans, just fourteen more years of watching DiPetrio get you just close, but not quite to the playoffs.
21 (22) 34-30-15 The scary part, they have a legit shot at a playoff spot.
22 (21) 35-38-6 Still with a shot to play spoiler.
23 (23) 33-33-13 Think Kings with a clue.
24 (24) 32-40-7 Usually, I would rip the bugs, but they are very injured this season, and never really had a shot.
25 (26) 29-40-9 Not bad for an AHL team.
26 (25) 29-44-5 It must be good to be Wayne Gretzky, he’s getting rewarded for his Rich Kotyte impression. Where do I sign up for that job security?
27 (27) 26-39-14 The Caps do have a clue, but I forgot where it is.
28 (28) 21-46-11 Over the last three weeks, they have won three times as many games as the Oilers…three.
29 (29) 26-39-14 Kings’ spin: “We’re rebuilding” Truth: Marc Crawford is a horrible coach, Dan Cloutier couldn’t stop a beach ball, and Bryan Burke needs another diaper change.
30 (30) 31-41-7 One win since the trade deadline.

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