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The Life

It would be such a great life to be able to wake up every morning and to know that you are being paid to play a sport that you absolutely love.  It would be great to just have the opportunity to play the sport you love before a national audience.  It would be great to get that adrenaline rush from a game winning shot or run.  It would be a great life playing a professional sport.Could you just imagine waking up every morning to go out and play a sport such as football for a coach like Bill Cowher?  Maybe he isn’t your dream coach but just imagine waking up every morning knowing you are one of the elite players in your sport and that you get a paycheck for it.  I mean, being paid to try and win a Super Bowl ring, wow.

You are waking up on April 29th to get dressed for your NFL draft day.  Your biggest worry is looking good for the audience.  I mean, who cares how high you’re drafted?  As long as you get the chance to play in the NFL, everything seems all good.  You pull up in your brand new Cadillac to find out which NFL city is lucky to get you on their team.  Then for all America to hear, “In the first pick of this year’s draft, the Texans (any team) choose you of “The Ohio State University”.  Now everything catches up to you, the feeling of being in the NFL.

You show up at your new multi-million dollar house in the NFL city you were chosen to play for.  Everybody wants to talk and get to know their new “man” in town.  You are now the most popular guy in the state.  And before you know it, your contract is signed and you are ready to start training camp so the new NFL season can get started.  You feel like you’re carrying your team on your shoulders as a number one pick in the draft even though you’re just a rookie just like you always dreamed of being.  You make it through the mini-camps and training camps a stronger and well polished player than you were when you first came in.  Your coaches are amazed of you’re ability still now after making you their first pick.  They decide to make you number one on their depth chart going into the pre-season.

Your first pre-season game is against the defending Super Bowl champions.  Even though it’s not really a big deal because it’s just the pre-season, you are still amazed at the sight of these athletically gifted this team is.  You have never seen so much talent on one team before.  Even though you are on an NFL team, yours isn’t a very good one.  I mean, that’s why they made you their number one pick overall in the draft.  You come out and play one half and play it well.  You didn’t do spectacular but at the same time you didn’t disappoint.  The coaches just keep telling you how blessed they are to have you aboard their team.  It seems as if nothing could go better.  You work tremendously hard during the off-season and before you know it, opening day is just a bit away.  You just don’t know how to take in all of the moments.  There are so many great things that are happening that you only had dreamed of until now.  

It’s finally here, opening day in a brand new stadium.  As you run out of the tunnel and onto the field, the crowd goes crazy.  They are all chanting your name because they see you as their road to the Super Bowl.  You are standing back awaiting the opening kick for your first ever return.  You catch the short kick at the eighteen yard line.  You make one guy miss and then another, and before you know it you have a wall set up for you just like you had practiced all week long in preparation of the game.  You are in the open, there is only the kicker left to take you down and you just run over him and waltz your way into the end zone.  The crowd is ridiculously electrifying.  They can’t believe it just as much as you can’t.  The extra point is up and good before you know it.  The rest of the game is a defensive struggle and your team comes out with the opening day victory all because of your very first kickoff return for a touchdown in your very first game, very first play of your career.  

After your first regular season game in the NFL, you lay in bed wondering how and why God blessed you with such a perfect life.  You are being paid to play something that you truly love doing.  Then you realize that you have “The Life” everyone wants.  Everything is good, and then you notice that this was only your first regular season game in your very long career ahead of you in the NFL.

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Not a bad life Thanks for making us wanna be pro athletes feel even more jealous of the pros
very well written though good job

If you could be any athlete, who would you be? I think right now I’d be Tony Parker or Matt Leinart (although i think i wouldnt have stuck it in Paris Hilton).  

Derek Bell Because I got paid six million dollars to live on a boat during ‘Operation Shutdown’

Seriously, I don’t know. Maybe Sidney Crosby or Lebron James, because I get to be young again and ridiculously good at what I do (and a millionare to boot). Or maybe just Jen Sterger so I can stare at my boobs all day. Is she an athlete?

I dunno that I’d want to be LBJ Too much pressure and too much scrutiny.  I think it might be better to be a golfer.  Relatively anonymous.  Tons of cash.  Have all the chicks you want and it won’t be plastered all over the internet.

Or hell, I’d even be Tiger Woods.

Talk about Pressure!!! LBJ’s only under pressure from Cleveland fans.  Tiger’s under the world’s scrutiny.  The world!! Plus, I think it’d be a bummer to be Tiger right now, since his dad just died.

I’d dig being Lebron.  He’s the best in the world (or damn close) at what he does.  He’s about to sign a big, fat extension this summer, has Jim Brown’s body with Michael Jordan skills, and plays the game that he loves for the team he grew up rooting on.  

Not bad.

Under normal circumstances, you can’t go wrong with either.  Hell, forget about Lebron –I’ll take Donyell Marshall or Eric Snow!!! LOL!

yeah yeah but Tiger’s got Elin Nordegren.

So that to me is worth the pressure.  

By the way, I’ve always wondered about athletes who end up marrying big uglies.  What’s the point? it’s like being a rock star and not sleeping with groupies.

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