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T.O. finally turned off

Finally, someone said that enough was enough when it comes to Terrell Owens. Bravo to Andy Reid and the entire Philadelphia Eagles organization for pulling the plug on the wide receiver. Regardless of talent, this is definitely an addition by subtraction.Tell your story walking, Terrell…

He had it coming. Everyone knew it. We all were waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Ever since the Super Bowl, Terrell Owens has forgotten how to shut his big mouth. Whatever his reasons were for playing that day with injuries, he did perform at his best on the biggest stage.

Maybe he did do it for the team. But maybe he also did it for a contract negotiation ploy. By what he has said and done since then, one has to lean towards the latter.

One must remember that he was no choir boy coming to the Eagles. The nonsense with the “sharpie” end zone celebration, dancing on the Dallas Cowboys star in midfield, the TD celebration with the cheerleaders and the pom poms… T.O. was a controversial player to begin with.

Owens forced his way out of San Francisco, even after his agent botched up filing his paperwork in time. The Niners had a deal worked out with the Baltimore Ravens, which Owens nixed. (Boy, the Ravens must be the happiest organization right now even with their dismal season).

He then was dealt to the Eagles and signed to a very lengthy and rich contract. He even was acting appropriately and producing some big numbers. However, it was just a matter of time before the Eagles got what they deserved.

Instead of basking in the praise that he was sure to get by going against the doctors recommendations and playing injured (and having a whale of a game, too), he had to revert back to his pompous self and start publicly ripping his quarterback…. Who, by the way, is a favorite of the head coach and loved by the team and city… Not too smart to pick on this guy.

An off season filled with back and forth between Donavan McNabb and Owens led to an interesting training camp. Owens did his usual and was suspended for a week by Reid. He came back and it was just a matter of time before he popped off again.

His latest remarks about Brett Favre, crying about his non-recognition for his 100th touchdown reception, and the scuffle with Hugh Douglas in the locker room only added to the mountain of avoidable nonsense this man purports. When he did give his “apology,” it sounded worse than an amateur reading off a cue card.

The Eagles did the only thing left to do by suspending him for four games and deactiving him for the remainder of the season. These athletes have to learn that they are not bigger than the team, as Keyshawn Johnson was shown by the Tampa Bay Bucs not too long ago. You can have all the talent in the world, but if you cannot act professionally you will not play.

The sad part of this whole story is that some stupid head coach will convince his GM that he can turn Owens’ attitude around and handle him. He’ll get another contract and poison another team. He’ll make a few incredible catches and keep his mouth shut for a short period of time. Then he’ll start crying the minute after another receiver signs somewhere else for a dollar more than he makes.

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