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USC should not get top spot

The USC Trojans should not hold the top spot in the nation.  With teams like Texas and VA Tech out there its hard to see how anyone can honestly say they deserve to be there.  Both Texas and VA Tech have had better wins against better competition than the men of Troy.   First lets take a look at what the Trojans have done this year.  Their only win of real quality came against Notre Dame, who has had a much better season that anyone expected.  Although they still have a defense that ranks near the bottom of all college football.  USC needed a miracle fourth down conversion and a lucky fumble that bounced perfectly out of bounds to stop the clock and keep the season alive.  Reggie Bush can only bail them out for so long against teams who defensive units need a lot of work.
   Although its been a down year in the big 12 the Longhorns non-conference schedule easily gives them the edge over the Trojans.  With impressive wins over Ohio State, Oklahoma, and Texas Tech they have established themselves as a team to be reckoned with.  Vince Young has shown us this year that he can do a lot more than just run the ball, and with a defense that is playing very well its hard to argue against Texas holding the top spot in the country.
   Another team that is getting a little lost in the Texas or USC for #1 debate is VA Tech.  They have every right to be upset about this too.  The ACC is easily much better than the big 12 and pac-10.  There are not many easy games anymore for anyone in that conference with the exception of Duke.  Marcus Vick is having a sensational season and making plays with his arm and his legs, combine that with a solid running game and a national championship defense its hard for anyone to leave them out of the title game if they win out the rest of the year.
   Fans of USC are going to say you can’t count them out cause they have won 29 straight games and until someone beats them they are number 1.  Well the problem with that logic is that this is the 2005 season, and any winning streak from 2004 and 2003 really doesn’t matter at all when looking at this years championship.  When you look at this year USC, Texas, and Virginia Tech all have the same winning streaks and USC has the weakest schedule, seems like a no-brainer to to me.
   With a heavily-flawed BCS and bias of voters the Trojans will problem end up playing for some part of the national title, and in some ways I hope they do get to play against Vince Young or Marcus Vick.  I think they would be overmatched when playing teams that can both score lots of points and play defense, hopefully the BCS will be gone soon enough and put and end to all these conversations and columns.

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not enough infor to convince me open up your horizons there are other options out there, other teams you should be talking about too

Strength of Schedule We’ll see what you say when the regular season ends, and USC has beaten the final three opponents on its schedule:  #23 California, #21 Fresno State, and #7 UCLA.  Meanwhile Texas will be facing Baylor, Kansas, and Texas A&M.  Lokks to me like the schedule is going to even out.  We’ll really find out how good VA Tech is this weekend.

exactly USC is number 1 until beaten. Oklahoma…wow what a toughy that was for Texas…and Reggie Bush does not need to ‘bail’ them out against bad defenses. Pretend Reggie Bush isn’t on the team…Lendale White, Matt Leinart, Jarret and Smith!!??? no problem

Good points but bad grammer. I liked your story a lot but the grammer needs some work. There is a spelling error and a run-on sentence in the last paragraph. There are more run-on sentences in the rest of the article as well. I voted abstain for the grammer issues.

Reggie Bush Obviously the Trojans have a very good offense.  To think they would be a bad team with out Reggie Bush is stupid.  To think they would have a 29 game winning streak with out him is just as stupid.  A number of times they have been in trouble when a short dump off or hand off to Bush turns into a huge 70 yard play.  He also won a couple of games for them last year on punt returns.  His presence on the field opens up the passing game for Leinart and the wide outs.  Bush is more responsible for the success of USC than any other player on that team.

just two contenders? I abstained from the vote because of the fact that you only compared USC to the Longhorns and the Hokies(whatever that thing actually is). Yes, they are the two closest contenders to take USC’s crown, but more of the Top 10 or Top 25 should be included.

really not doing it for me it’s just a lot of words, minimal stats. Like a forum editorial or something. Can’t convince me with USC push at the end of the season and Texas lack there of good competition. As much as I’d like to say down with USC, they deserve the #1, V-tech and Texas can fight for #2.

Texas maybe? VA Tech no way USC definately has it much tougher at the end of the season than Texas.  The Trojans also had a cakewalk at the start, and I don’t get why people keep saying USC deserves the top spot.  Texas and USC you can argue all day about their schedules.  You can’t argue at all that VA Tech does not have a much tougher schedule, its not even close no matter how you look at it.  Every game in the ACC with the exception of a team like Duke you have the chance to get upset.  I know USC closes the schedule out with UCLA and CAL.  Let’s not forget Tech has to play Miami, and then prolly Florida State in the ACC title game.  When looked at it logically you can’t tell me that if these 3 all run the table that no one deserves it more than VA Tech.

Texas vs USC VA Tech got a reality check this weekend.  You could make a case for Miami also.  The game I think everyone wants to see with Bush, Lienhart and Young.

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