Philadelphia Eagles

T.O. finally turned off

Finally, someone said that enough was enough when it comes to Terrell Owens. Bravo to Andy Reid and the entire Philadelphia Eagles organization for pulling the plug on the wide receiver. Regardless of talent, this is definitely an addition by subtraction.

All Other Sports

The ABA is here again!

The American Basketball League is back and it’s thriving. The season started this past week with over 50 teams competing for the championship using the same red, white and blue ball and some of the other innovations that made the original ABA so much fun. Add in a family friendly atmosphere and affordable prices, and the ABA give fans another option to the NBA.

Chicago White Sox

An exciting four-game sweep

It isn’t very often that a four-game sweep can be called exciting, but the 2005 World Series had a lot of excitement packed into a short series. Extra innings, timely hits, great defense, tough pitching, big home runs from unlikely sources… this was a series that should have gone the distance just for the possibility of further drama.

College Football

A special day in college football

This past Saturday, college football had one of those days that make us all remember why we love sports. A great Michigan victory over Penn State on a touchdown pass with no time left on the clock was actually over shadowed by the epic USC-Notre Dame instant classic. The two games were played as the entire country switched back and forth between them with their remote controls, their emotions running high on every single play. It was a day to remember.

New York Knicks

The Knicks get big- but will they bust?

Since the New York Knicks traded Patrick Ewing in September of 2000, they have been an undersized team. They have tried to get by at center with the likes of Kurt Thomas, Luc Longley and Marcus Camby. However, this past off season General Manager Isiah Thomas made numerous moves to add size. Will this collection of big men find enough minutes and be able to work together?

MLB General

What if the Dodgers never left Brooklyn?

The Brooklyn Dodgers were perhaps the most beloved team in all of sports. Their fans were passionate about their “Bums.” To this day the players are recalled by their first names as if they were members of the family. And in a way, they were. What if the great villain Walter O’Malley never brought the team out west?

New York Jets

Will The New York Jets Ever Fly Home?

   Home field advantage. Every team in professional sports enjoys it. Every team expects it. Every team deserves it. But then there is the New York Jets, who have been playing in another state since 1984. They have not played a legitimate home game in over 20 years. This has all been by choice. And recently when they have a chance to have their own stadium right in Queens, they are in negotiations with the Giants to build a new stadium in New Jersey. They may once again be playing in another team’s building for 16 games and further alienate their loyal fans.

Random Thoughts

Then & Now – Boy- Has America’s Pastime Changed

   Not too long ago, oh…maybe 30 or so years back. The good ‘ol days for me. A time when we could actually watch games on regular TV. When there were scheduled double headers. When you had to watch the game to find out the score (no annoying little boxes in the corner). Before there were pitching changes every other hitter. When they wouldn’t toss every ball that hit the dirt to the side (even in the World Series).

   Unfortunately,our beloved baseball has become an full evening event, with the almost-entire night game schedule, dragged out for 3 hours or longer. How I long for the days when we played punch ball or wiffle ball in the street as we put a ball game on the portable transistor radio.

New York Mets

"Meaningful September Games" For The New York Mets?

   According to New York Mets owner Fred Wilpon last season, an important factor for him is for his ballclub to play “meaningful games in September”. Unfortunately, these words did not ring true for him then. But as we speak, the Metropolitans are actually still hanging around in the National League Wild Card race.

   Even though it is still early in  the month& the Mets have currently dropped four straight, they are playing important games in September.