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Roethlisberger a hit in Pittsburgh

It’s April 24, 2004 the opening bell to the NFL draft has rung and everyone waits in awe to see who the first quarterback taken will be.  Eli or Phillip?  How lucky is Pittsburgh that the experts, scouts, and draft day crawls were mistaken on the quarterback hierarchy?  Ben Roethlisberger is a shoe-in for rookie of the year honors and because of what he has done to make his team better there isn’t a close second.  
The hype surrounding the play of Randy Moss and Terrell Owens for the 2004 season has been misdirected.  The headlining story of 2004 should be the play of Ben Roethlisberger.  Maybe he isn’t controversial enough.   Hey Ben you better drop your pants or buy a sharpie!  The facts are he doesn’t have to do that, all he has to do is show up and play like Ben.  What he has been able to accomplish this season is unprecedented.  

The enquiring mind begs the question.  What separates him from the others?  The tangibles are Ben is 6′-5″ and 240lbs.  Given that he has the ability to see the field well, also that big body bodes well for guys getting hit by 250lb linebackers who can bench press 500lbs.  While he won’t set any land speed records, he has been effective running out of the pocket, enough to keep defenses honest to his running ability.  Running out of the pocket is a big X for most NFL newcomers but Roethlisberger doesn’t have the body of a normal rookie.  His size, strong arm, and football intuition are the main ingredients to Roethlisberger the playmaker.  

What more?  Ben has made the biggest splash of any rookie NFL player in the last 10 years or maybe ever.  His 14-0 record in games started by a rookie is rivaled by exactly no one.  Ben inherited a team who went 6-10 in 2003 and led them to a one-loss season.     Let’s face it, Pittsburgh has been very mediocre for quite some time and most of their woes have been directly related to a lack of production from the signal callers.  

Throughout Cowher’s tenure all of the elements of a good football team have been in place minus the man behind the center.   Kudos go out to the Pittsburgh Steelers organization, while most impatient, unrealistic, inflated expectation having owners (Dan Snyder), and general managers would have canned the guy, Dan Rooney stuck with Cowher and now it is paying off.  

Pittsburgh fans have a lot to smile about.  Yeah Ben didn’t play his best last week against the Jets but he didn’t have to.  For all practical purposes the super bowl will be played next week in Pittsburgh (minus Terrell Owens).  And that Pittsburgh fans, with a rookie quarterback.  Things are looking up in the steel city.  

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Simply put… …good article, but too short and not timely after Ben had the worst outing of his career. I vote no.

well, people in Pitt aren’t blaming ben which is weird considering he almost lost them the Jets game and he definitely lost them the AFCCG.

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