Jesus on Poor Man’s PTI tonight

Jesus, known by over a billion Christians around the world as the Son of God and the founder of Christianity, will be our guest on Poor Man’s PTI tonight at 8:00 PM EST.

Tune in and call us at 718-664-6869 to talk sports and ask questions to Jesus.

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Super Bowl XLIII Picks and Podcast

Where’s the hype?  It’s Super Bowl week and the cover of Sports Illustrated is LeBron?  What’s going on here.  We realize the Steelers are boring and the Cardinals are from a small market but we finally got what we wanted (less hype surrounding the Super Bowl) and it just doesn’t feel right.

This week, because there’s only one game to pick, we get more into PTI mode and talk random sports stories.  But we do have Jesus joining us to talk sports and pick the winner of Super Bowl XLIII.   The son of God admits being wrong last year but thinks he has the right pick for this one.

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