Washington Redskins

The Risk of Not Taking Risks

Last week the Washington Redskins faced off against the NFC leading Cowboys. The Redskins lost. This was not a surprise. The Cowboys were clear favorites. Terrell Owens scored four touchdowns. The Redskins were missing Sean Taylor. This was a game the Redskins were supposed to lose. Something surprising happened last Sunday afternoon though. The Redskins should have won the game.

Despite troubles in the secondary and a career game from TO, the Redskins should have won. They were in position to do so and I am not referring to only the final couple drives where all the pressure was on Jason Campbell to deliver in the most difficult of situations. Admittedly, Campbell came up short at the end of the best game of his young career. However, it was Joe Gibbs and his staff who put Campbell in the position to fail.

New York Giants

Mbarone the GM: Fixing the Giants- Part Two (Coaching Staff and Defensive Solutions)

Now that most of the team’s problems have been identified, we can examine potential solutions on the coaching staff and defense for the New York Giants. These solutions will not work overnight, but they will help the team in the future, and possibly get them to the Super Bowl in future years.