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The NBA Conference Finals in pictures

The 2009 NBA playoffs have been a total blast. Full of hard fouls, close games, and buzzer beaters, they have been an absolute pleasure to watch thus far. And luckily, the conference finals haven’t been any different.
But rather than bore you with statistical breakdowns or genuinely intuitive and knowledgeable articles about these crucial series, I will once again be your source for the number one way Americans (namely anyone who is amused by my postings in particular) choose to get their information… with pretty pictures from the internet!
So enjoy this post of the NBA conference finals in pictures, and thank me for not asking you to strain your brainpower later…


Dude, you gotta see the replay of that shot. Marv Albert screamed so loud his toupee ran off.

We’re your friends and we’re begging you, stop combing your hair like that. Why won’t you just listen?

R. Kelly was right! I can fly!

If I climb Joe Smith in next year’s dunk contest I’ll bet I can dunk on a 20-foot hoop!

This makes me mad enough for an ill-fated guarantee.

Drink it in fans. Revel in why they really call me the Polish Hammer.

Wait a second, I did used to play here! Put me in coach!

Me?! What did I do? I’m innocent… can’t you see how pretty my hair is??

OH! Right in the King James!

Chris Tucker?! Oh hey what’s up man? I thought you were Cedric the Entertainer for the first 3 quarters!

How could you not recognize me!? I played your older brother Elliot in E.T.!!

I thought you were a Knicks fan you scum.

Why would you do that to my favorite ball you big bully?!!

They pay me every time I strike the JORDAN LOGO pose.

I mush you!

Ooh lah-dee-dah look at me… now I’m the coach.

Look, I’m not trying to be a dick. I’m just saying… Scientology? Really?! Come on guy.

Holy hell!! Someone tell Jack Nicholson his flabby old man gut is hanging out!

This ball is dangerously larger than the one we used last time.

For the last time I’m not admitting what drugs earned me my 2-year suspension! I’m in the middle of a game for Christ’s sake!

Something tells me my puppy is never going to find his way home…

You know officer I feel like you really could’ve chosen a more discreet time to question me about who keyed Phil Jackson’s car.

That’s right son… silent but legitimately deadly.

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