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NHL Power Rankings (for the week of Nov. 9-15)

As our historic election is over, and the results have been counted, let me take a moment to congratulate Barack Obama on proving that Americans can see past the color of someone’s skin, and elect on ideas.

With that being said, the season’s first edition of the NHL’s power rankings are finally out. What have we learned so far? The Wings may not even be in the Stanley Cup finals. The Flyers are horrible, and most importantly, all three Islander fans should be ashamed of themselves.

Without any further adieu, here we go.

Rank (Pv)
1 () 13-2-0 I wonder how the Red Wings are taking this. After all, we weren’t supposed to play the season and just hand them the cup. Someone forgot to tell the Sharks that.
2 () 11-5-1 If the Blueshirts pick up the scoring, they are going to be unstoppable.
3 () 9-2-2 The best offense in the league, the best power play in the league, and yes, Marian Hossa is leading the way. Anyone expect anything else from the best ran team in the NHL?
4 () 8-2-2 Dear Montreal, Alex Tanguay did the same thing for our team, and then decided to take the playoffs off. Sincerely, Colorado and Calgary.
5 () 9-6-1 Don’t look now, Teemu Selanne has 9 goals.
6 () 8-3-3 Tim Thomas. The best player in the NHL no one is talking about.
7 () 9-6-0 Maybe we can’t just hand the Stanley Cup to the Wings, but Roberto Luongo has already won the Veznia.
8 () 8-4-1 While Gaborik gets all the headlines for his contract situation, the tandem of Harding/Backstrom is quietly getting the job done.
9 () 8-3-3 Who is Thomas Vanek? Oh, he only leads the NHL in goals.
10 () 8-4-2 This just in, Evgini Malkin and Sidney Crosby are moderately good hockey players. Keep that to yourselves though.
11 () 8-5-2 It’s still early, but there’s a pretty good team in Carolina.
12 () 8-7-1 Todd Bertuzzi is starting to reclaim his career.
13 () 7-4-2 Usually, I would take this time to rip Jose Theodore. However, I can’t get anyone to sponsor it yet.
14 () 7-4-2 Oh, there is another goalie on the Devils.
15 () 7-6-2 Derick Brassard may add another threat with Rick Nash. Look out, the Jackets are starting to figure out how to win in the NHL.
16 () 6-5-4 Ron Wilson should win the Jack Adams for making an AHL team into something respectable.
17 () 6-3-3
Patrick Sharp has been the forgotten guy in the Windy City with Towes and Kane, but he leads the team with 16 points.
18 () 6-6-1 It’s another rebuilding year in Edmonton.
19 () 6-7-2 Thrashers are finding a diamond in the rough with Ondrej Pavelec. 2-0-0 record, 2.57 GAA.
20 () 6-6-0 Will be in the mix for a west playoff spot.
21 () 6-7-1 It’s called defense. You may want to look into it.
22 () 5-4-4 Did anyone think we would be inquiring where the Tampa offense was?
23 () 6-6-2 With a line that has Spezza, Heatley and Alfredson on it, the Sens are hurting for some offense.
24 () 6-8-0 Budaj or Raycroft? How about score some goals first?
25 () 5-7-2 This is an APB for Marty Turco’s talent. If found please return to him immediately.
26 () 5-6-2 Still rebuilding, but at least they have a clue, and some talent.
27 () 5-7-1 Their IR is starting to read like an All-Star team.
28 () 4-8-1 Will Jay Bouwmeester be traded? For his sanity, I vote yes.
29 () 4-6-3 3.5 goals per game would suggest they should be better than this. Oh, did I mention they are giving up the same amount per game? I blame Sarah Palin.
30 () 4-8-2 I will pay Gary Bettman to make sure that Torres does not end up on the Islanders. He’ll be ruined.

By matt Jordan

Matt is an in-studio producer for three radio stations in a six station cluster. He has produced and co-hosted three sports talk shows, with one of them becoming number one in the market. He also is a play by play announcer for the Florence Redwolves, who play in the Coastal Plain League, the nation's hottest College Summer League. He is in his fourth season. He also was the PA Announcer for the Florence Phantoms indoor football team.

In his spare time Matt enjoys reading, writing, playing RTS video games, debating on religion, and good music. He is currently writing a play, which is expected to be completed by the end of 2009. Matt also writes for Medusa's Kiss magazine.

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