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2008 NFL Power Rankings Week 10

It’s a weird feeling. We knew we’d be here, but we were positive we’d never get here.

On one side, you have Brett Favre and his Jets going up against the Patriots for first place. The new guy with his new girlfriend, and he’s already gearing up for marriage? Nah.

Forget about the Jets winning the game, the playoffs, the Super Bowl, whether or not Favre comes back next season. No, none of that matters.

The main thing is what this off-season led up to. Was Ted Thompson right?

Well, Aaron Rodgers has performed well, but a closer look at the games and his stats show that while he hasn’t really been winning games, he hasn’t exactly been losing them, either.

So, while everyone watches the Jets and Patriots on Thursday night, in the back of their minds, whether they like it or not, they’re continuing to watch the beautiful play that is Favre vs Rodgers.

If you ask me, it’s just a guy playing on a new team, and if they win their next game, they just might be a shoe-in for the Super Bowl.

The way this season has gone, though, there are no guarantees. Unless you count the Lions losing every week. That’s almost a lock. But no, for almost every other team and player in the league, you can’t assume anything. You just have to keep watching…

Rank (Pv) Team Record Comment
1 (1) 9-0 Who says Kerry Collins can’t still win games?
2 (2) 8-1 It will probably take another Super Bowl win for Eli Manning to prove he’s special, but this team is clearly in the top two.
3 (3) 6-3 Ben Roethlisberger gave that game away, and wasn’t afraid to admit it. Honesty is awesome, but so is leading your team to victory. He needs to get it together.
4 (4) 7-2 That was a poor showing by the offense, but the defense saved the day. But come on, it was the Raiders.
5 (5) 6-3 This game against Dallas is suddenly a season changer. A loss could drop them into a spiral out of playoff contention.
6 (7) 6-3 I still like their team, but they got lucky. Good teams hold onto the ball and close games. They can thank the 49ers poor play-calling for this one.
7 (9) 6-3 They had a chance to turn things around, but they blew it. If they don’t win this week, they’re toast.
8 (8) 6-3 They’re sitting in a nice spot, but they’ll need to step it up to keep pace with Atlanta and Carolina.
9 (13) 6-3 They scored 47 points with Favre simply going through the motions. Believe it or not, that’s worse than him throwing for another 6 touchdowns. This team is better than we think.
10 (16) 6-3 When was the last time you saw a rookie quarterback play this well?
11 (11) 5-4 Tony Romo to the rescue?
12 (6) 5-4 I’m tired of putting stock into this team and watching them come up short. That 4th down play at the end of the game was disappointing. They’re lucky Mike Singletary’s poor call overshadowed it.
13 (17) 5-4 It’s nice to see Manning and Co. playing well, but how long will it last. I need to see some consistency before I start buying the product.
14 (18) 6-3 Remember when no one thought Ben Roethlisberger could win it all as a rookie? Yeah…
15 (12) 5-4 They lost a hard fought game to an undefeated team, and are tied for first place in their division. Yeah, they’re doing fine.
16 (19) 5-4 The Dolphins have now won 5 times their win total of last season. When will that stop being interesting?
17 (20) 5-4 Do you think the trade for Jared Allen was worth it?
18 (21) 5-4 All four of their running backs are injured. How does that even happen?
19 (24) 4-5 They were a converted 2-point conversion away from losing their season. That’s actually way worse than it sounds. They were facing the Chiefs.
20 (10) 5-4 Losing to the Jets and Patriots in consecutive weeks probably means this team lost it’s shot at a wild card spot.
21 (14) 4-5 They lost a game that was as close to must-win as it gets, and now they face another one just like it. If they lose to Chicago, it’s over, and the “Where’s Brett?” chants begin.
22 (22) 4-5 They beat the Lions, so at least they didn’t lose to both of the league’s winless teams. There’s hope in Jacksonville, yet.
23 (15) 4-5 That argument between Drew Brees and Jeremy Shockey said it all. This team just doesn’t know what it’s doing anymore.
24 (23) 3-6 Make that two games Sage Rosenfels has single handedly lost for the Texans.
25 (25) 3-6 You have to admit, with Quinn at quarterback, the offense flowed a lot more smoothly. But, does this really save Romeo Crennel?
26 (28) 1-8 Who doesn’t love Tyler Thigpen, right now?
27 (26) 2-7 We know the answer isn’t Trent Green, so if it’s not Marc Bulger anymore, where do we go from here?
28 (27) 2-7 It just keeps getting better and better in Oakland.
29 (29) 2-7 Is there really any reason to bring Matt Hasselbeck back this season? And while we’re at it, can Mike Holmgren just retire, already?
30 (30) 2-7 That was a bad call to lose the game, but at least Mike Singletary has his team playing the right way. The verdict is still out on whether or not he should return next season.
31 (31) 1-8 Just for the sake of fantasy owners everywhere, can Carson Palmer come back and get this team back to respectability, already?
32 (32) 0-9 Shame on Matt Millen. For the damage he has done, he should never work in the NFL again.

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All it takes is one read over… “Well, Aaron Rodgers has performed well, but a closer look at the games and his stats show that while he hasn’t really been winning games, he hasn’t exactly been winning them, either. “(winnings games, he hasn’t exactly been losing them, either)

“But no, for almost every other team and player and the league, you can’t assume anything. You just have to keep watching…”  (every other team and player IN the league…)

I’ll vote you up anyways because I know your going to get on here and clean it up…At least you did last week, check out my college football picks for the week…

seriously… well i noticed you’ve already been voted up on the front page and you corrected the mistakes i’ve pointed out for the second week in a row…but did you go back and try to add a typo…now read the first line of your story…”gbe here”…c’mon…seriously…

mistakes I normally don’t make that many mistakes, but tend to check back and correct the ones that I do.

Also, I appreciate you assisting in that, but I don’t need a comment about it for every single one.

I went back and edited the opening bit, and must have messed (be) up on accident.

All is fixed. Anything else?

Everything is fine… I wasn’t trying to be rude in any way…I was trying to be funny, but I re-read my post and see how it sounded a little rude…I love the column and am just trying to assist people…I want this website to stay quality and keep thriving, thats all…I appreciate any comments or suggestions I receive…Once again sorry, and thank you…

Go Colts!

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