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Impressed- Depressed- Unmoved: Week 13 of the College Football Season

And now, the regular season over. Kansas and LSU’s gooses (or should I say turkeys?) are cooked, and we’ve only got one week to go before a month of non-stop controversy.IMPRESSED


The game against Kansas may have looked close, but it really wasn’t. Missouri exploited Kansas mistakes in the first three quarters, and sizzled to a 28-7 lead. KU came back, but Missouri are now the #1 team in the nation. Chase Daniel & Co will have their work cut out against Oklahoma in the Big XII Championship game though….


The Miami Dolphins must be overjoyed to be playing this badly at the moment. At this rate, they’ll be in prime position to pick up Darren McFadden, who played his heart off in the Razorbacks triple-overtime upset of the #1 LSU Tigers. What a game – but what a player. And this is scarier….Felix Jones, who’ll replace D-Mac when he runs for the NFL, is almost as good…..Now, if Houston Nutt could just find a quarterback….


People say it is games like this which make the SEC very overrated. I say that it’s BECAUSE of games like this that you can’t keep your eyes off SEC football. Both sides battled their hearts out, and sadly there was a winner. Tennessee rolls to the SEC Championship game. If Erik Ainge is good as advertised, then LSU are going to have some major, major problems.


I just got some crap for not giving the Warriors any love, so I will now. After all, you can’t really fault Colt Brennan for beating what was in front of him this year and stand 11-0 and one win away from completing the regular season unbeaten. The 39-27 beating of Boise State showed me, anyway, that this is rather useful – and could be another, erm, Boise come Bowl time.


For the last SIX years Auburn have beaten Alabama in the Iron Bowl. And they never, ever tire of it. Although this performance wasn’t vintage Auburn, it paid Tommy Tuberville mightily back for what’s been a mightily inconsistent season.

Virginia Tech

If there’s one team Boston College did not want to face in the ACC Championship game, it’s Virginia Tech. The Hokies are playing like a team possessed  since their heartbreaking loss a few weeks ago – and proved it by ousting Virginia from top spot in Charlottesville.


The Sooners took out the Oklahoma State Cowboys behind the woodshed and crushed them. It wasn’t even close. Only leading by 11 at one stage in the game, then Sooners then rattled off 21 straight points to take the victory. If they play like this against Missouri, the Tigers are going to be the latest top-ranked team to go down.


After being attacked for leaving out UCLA after they were whooped by Utah earlier in the season, I’d like to give them  some love for dealing with Oregon. It helped that Dennis Dixon wasn’t playing – so much so that the Ducks didn’t put up any points.


Down 14-10 at one stage in the game known as `Old Fashioned Hate’, the Bulldogs came back to make sure there were no upsets in Atlanta. Kirk Herbstreit was on TV saying that the `Dogs are a potential BCS team, and on this evidence, it’s hard not to agree.

West Virginia

I’m stunned. For the first time in what seems like ages, the Mountaineers came into a monster game and only turned the ball over once. What’s more, their offense came alive (Pat White, 287 yards and four touchdowns total) and Connecticut couldn’t do anything to stop it. If they make it to the National Championship, it’ll be a great way for White & Slaton to cap their storied careers in Morgantown.

Southern California

Southern Cal came to Arizona State with the world on their shoulders. This was a USC that had lost to Stanford and California, and was fading. After they crushed the Sun Devils 44-24 in Tempe, would anyone like to bet against them going to the Rose Bowl?

Clemson/South Carolina

A cracking in-state match-up that went from end-to-end and was highlighted by a very rare thing: a Clemson kicker actually kicking a winning field goal. It’s been a rarity this season (ask Georgia Tech fans)….


Is this the same team that was so dreadful last season? Now Coach Hawkins has made his team not only presentable, but bowl eligible.

Texas A&M

Twice in two years over your most hated rival’s not bad going, is it? And after all they had to go through with Dennis Franchione, the fans deserved it. Like a good Bud, this 38-30 win over Texas was for these lovely people below.


Notre Dame

The win over Stanford doesn’t gloss over the fact that the Irish were pretty darned useless this year. Jimmy Clausen  certainly wasn’t as published – although he wasn’t helped by a woeful offensive line and a worse defense. Having said that, below is one of the plays of the season. It’s a pity it got called back.



What bird loses a National Championship hope, a Big XII title chance and a #2 ranking all on the same day? A Kansas Jayhawk.


Yeowch. Tigers are nearly extinct. So are LSU’s title hopes after losing a classic to Arkansas. Still, they’ve still got Tennessee in the SEC Championship game next week to look forward to.


Losing for the sixth straight time can’t be a nice experience for Nick Saban’s boys. He’s got an awful lot of work to do before the Crimson Tide are back on the map.

Arizona State

On Thanksgiving night, the scene was set for Arizona State to get the monkey off their backs and finally beat USC in a big game. They didn’t.


Goodbye Bill Callahan. This team’s got an awful lot of rebuilding to do. Fancy starting with a defence that can actually stop the pass?


First it was Oklahoma who was the team Texas couldn’t beat. Now it looks like it’s A&M.

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I agree I think Oklahoma is going beat Missouri and we will have a West Virginia-Ohio State national title game which will inch us one step closer to a playoff system.

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