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Major League Lacrosse 2007 Season Preview

by: Kyle Benson

For those of you unfamiliar with the MLL (Major League Lacrosse), it is the premier outdoor lacrosse league in the US. It started in 2001 by founder Jake Steinfeld, owner of Body by Jake. The league currently has 2 conferences (Eastern and Western) with 10 teams. In the Eastern Conference the teams are the Boston Cannons, Long Island Lizards, New Jersey Pride, Philadelphia Barrage (defending 2006 Steinfeld Cup Champion), Rochester Rattlers, and the Washinton Bayhawks. The Western Conference Teams are the Denver Outlaws, Chicago Machine, San Francisco Dragons, and the Los Angeles Riptide. There are 12 games in a season. Now that you have a little knowledge about the MLL, here is my 2007 season preview.EASTERN CONFERENCE

Philadelphia Barrage: They are the defending Steinfeld Cup Champions. The bad news is the will not be holding the trophy over their heads this year. Sure they have the best goalie in the league in Brian Dougherty, but what other players do they have holding their team together. Ryan Boyle, thats the only one.
Where they’ll finish: 3rd in the East

Boston Cannons: You might call me biased for this statement since I root for Boston, but I truley believe this is the Cannon’s year. They have the best attackman in the league, Conor Gill, one of the best goaltenders, Chris Garrity, and up-and-coming star midfielder, John Christmas.
Where they’ll finish: 2nd in the East, Steinfeld Cup Champions

Rochester Rattlers: They will be the best team in the East, not in the playoffs. They have all some of the best players in the MLL in AJ Shannon, Casey Powell, John Grant, and Kevin Cassese. They are always good during the regular season, but seem to choke in the playoffs.
Where they’ll finish: 1st in the East

Long Island Lizards: Jay Jalbert. A great player on a bad team. Just count the Lizards out of this years season, because it will be their lost season. Looking at their schedule, I predict they will only have 3 wins this season.
Where they’ll finish: 6th in the East

Washington Bayhawks: They will have a decent season this year. They have great players like legend Mark Millon, and MLL star Mikey Powell. Their transition to Washington from Baltimore won’t bee too rough, but in won’t be that smooth either.
Where they’ll finish: 4th in the East

New Jersey Pride: This will just be another slump year for the Pride. They have no real stars that can carry them, except for Jesse Hubbard and Kyle Harrison, which really doesn’t do much. Every professional sports league has its regular mediocre team, the MLL’s is the New Jersey Pride.
Where they’ll finish: 5th in the East


Chicago Machine: Don’t worry Chicago fans! You’ll have your first ever win in the MLL this year! Chicago will have a pretty good season this year being carried by Doug Shanahan and Kevin Leveille.
Where they’ll finish: 3rd in the West

Denver Outlaws: Denver was the suprise team last year, being led by a bunch of unknown MLL players (with the execption of Brian Langtry) to the MLL Final. This year they will make it to the MLL Final again, but will once again fail to win the Cup.
Where they’ll finish: 1st in the West.

Los Angeles Riptide: Good season last year landing in the 3rd spot in the West, but thos year they will be less fortunate. Expect Mike Watson to shine this year, same with goalie Tillman Johnson but those two will just not be enough to carry the Riptide to better things.
Where they’ll finish: 4th in the West

San Francisco Dragons: Two words, Alex Cade. He will be goalie of the year this year. Ryan Powell and Chris Rotelli will also be a huge part of the Dragons success this season.
Where they’ll finish: 2nd in the West

If you want to learn more about the MLL go to: www.

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they gAMes are sometimes are on ESPN2 there are weekly games on ESPN2 once the season starts, just look on the MLL website for the schedule. And depending where you live, your local team might be on a local tv station

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