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The 2007 Hangover of the Boston Bruins

by: Kyle Benson

There is question in Boston Bruins fans’ minds right now, “Have the Bruins recovered from their New Years hangovers?” They have lost their first 2 games since the New Year began, both against the Toronto Maples Leafs, and lost the second game against the Leafs 10-2. It seems like the only thing coach Dave Lewis has done right in the past 2 games was not letting the Bruins players talk to the press after the horrid 10-2 loss. In this article, I will break down what the Bruins have to do to make 2007 a successful year.Keep Kessel on the Ice: On December 11, 2006, Bruins rookie Phil Kessel, discovered he had testicular cancer and had to get surgery. Before his surgery he was having a good season with 5 goals and 4 assists on the season. Kessel will return within the next week and the Bruins will have to keep him on the ice with his successful line with Marc Savard and Glen Murray. When he comes back, the Bruins should be able to get out of there 2007 slump.

Trade for a New Goalie: As every Bruins fan knows Tim Thomas is only good for two months, and his time is up this year. In the second game of 2007 Thomas let up 8 goals before Dave Lewis took him out and and put in Philippe Sauve who let up 2 more goals. Hannu Toivonen was supposed to be their top goalie this year but he has posted a 2-5 record this year and a 4.31 goals against average. Tuukka Rask, who is currently in Finland playing hockey, will be the Bruins savior goaltender next year but the B’s can not afford to miss the playoffs again so they should try to trade for a goaltender like Manny Legace this year for Tim Thomas or Hannu Toivonen and a draft pick.

Bring Back Brian Leetch: The Bruins need to have Brian Leetch on their team this season to make it to the playoffs. Leetch is the offensive defensemen the Bruins need right now, they have enough pure defensemen. Offensive defensemen are successful in the new NHL. They also need Brian for his leadership, the B’s do not have enough leadership in the locker room to be a successful hockey team. If they decide to bring back Leetch, the desicion should help them out this season.

Have More Energy: Right now the Bruins look like they are playing like they have nothing to play for, when they have everything to play for. The B’s are currently in 9th place in the talented Eastern Conference. They are so close to a playoff spots, it hurts Bruins fans to see that they are playiing with no energy. Zdeno Chara is supposed to be the captain, he has to get in his fellow Bruins players face and tell them to play like every day is the 7th game of the Stanley Cup.

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Like the Sound of that.. If you want a goalie, please, take Jose Theodore’s overrated contract off our hands. Maybe you guys can keep Paris Hilton away from him, so he can consentrate…

Sad to say, but Leetchie isn’t going to any three of his old teams. The Ranger bridge got burnt when they delt him to the Laffs, the Laff bridge was never built, and he has somthing against Boston the last I heard…no clue what that’s all about.

Look for Leetch to maybe go to the Canes or the Flames.

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