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Blogging the NFL – Week 9

Game of the Week:
Indianapolis Colts at New England Patriots – This is the second week in a row the Colts have been featured in the Game of the Week. I am expecting a different result this week however. I know that at the pro level you are not supposed to have “let down” weeks but playing in New England the week after playing in Denver is a death sentence.

I’m going with the Pats to win the best Sunday night match-up of the season to this point.

Game Not Worth Watching:
Miami Dolphins at Chicago Bears – In 1985 the Miami Dolphins were the only team to beat the Chicago Bears who could have been the best team of the modern era. No chance of that happening Sunday.

The Bears will destroy the Dolphins and continue what has been a miserable season in South Florida.

Worst Team in the NFL:
Is it time to put the Pittsburgh Steelers in the mix here? The defending Champs are on pace to have the worst record ever for a defending Super Bowl winner. Their two wins came against the Miami Dolphins and the Kansas City Chiefs without Trent Green.

Martin Done?
New York Jets running back Curtis Martin has been put on the reserved physically-unable-to perform list ending his season and possibly his career. There are hopes that Martin will return for next season but I’m betting the NFL Network is hoping he hangs it up for good. Imagine the possibility of Martin, Tiki Barber along with Marshall Faulk all in studio for the network.

We Owe Tony Romo an Apology
Last week we mentioned that the Cowboys play-off hopes ended with the announcement of Tony Romo as the starting quarterback. Then I wrote this article saying that the end is near for the Cowboys.

All Romo did was go out and pass for 270 yards and a touchdown in the Cowboys 35-14 win over Carolina. While our stance hasn’t officially changed on the Cowboys season we would like to say that Romo was more impressive than we thought.

Top 10
Here are the best 10 teams in the league right now, in my opinion.

  1. Chicago Bears
  2. Indianapolis Colts
  3. San Diego Chargers
  4. New England Patriots
  5. Denver Broncos
  6. Atlanta Falcons
  7. New York Giants
  8. Baltimore Ravens
  9. New Orleans Saints
  10. Dallas Cowboys

I Am the Ultimate NFL Guru, At Least for This Week
We got into a little impromptu picks contest last week in the forum and as it turns out I won. Here are the results.
Me 10-4
Rob 9-5
True2OSU 6-8

Join the contest this week. Make your week 9 picks on the NFL Message Board in the Fourm.

Week Nine Winners
Atlanta/Detroit – Falcons
Cincinnati/Baltimore – Ravens
Dallas/Washington – Cowboys
Green Bay/Buffalo – Bills
Houston/NY Giants – Giants
Kansas City/St. Louis – Chiefs
Miami/Chicago – Bears
New Orleans/Tampa Bay – Buccaneers
Tennessee/Jacksonville – Jaguars
Minnesota/San Francisco – Vikings
Cleveland/San Diego – Chargers
Denver/Pittsburgh – Broncos
Indianapolis/New England – Patriots
Seattle/Oakland – Seahawks  

Leave your comments about this post below or discuss it with others on the My Opinion on Sports thread in the Forum. Make your week 9 NFL picks here.

4 replies on “Blogging the NFL – Week 9”

I wouldn’t say the Steelers are the worst yet… but they definitely belong in the mix after Denver beats them by 7 on Sunday, 24-17.

Watch the fall of the Romo Empire (wow that sucked–but why did I type it?) against the ‘Skins on Sunday in the upset.

You know, the way the NFL is going, would it be a huuuuge shocker if the Fish beat the Bears? Don’t think it can happen in Chicago. On a tip sheet I do outside of the podcast, I took Miami and the 16 pts (it gives the weirdest lines) with Atlanta, San Diego and the Pattycakes on Sunday Night, with Wisconsin and Oklahoma St. I guess we’ll see.

And those 10 picks might of been the best in the USA last week. You kicked our ass along with Dr. Z and Golic.

Do you work for ESPN? “The Bears will destroy the Dolphins and continue what has been a miserable season in South Florida.”

– Good call.

oh come on BP everyone figured the Bears would destroy the Dolphins.

I think at least 50% of the country would have gotten knocked out of their Survivor Pool if it werent for the fact that most people already took th e Bears last week. Atlanta on the other hand… wtf was that? Michael Vick says you can’t criticize him cause.. you know… his cornrows looked good.

Oh and the Steelers are godawful…

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