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The season is only a little less then a quarter over. However, that still doesn’t stop the crazy rumors from flying around, especially while Larry Brooks somehow finds himself still employed. It’s time to either prove or debunk these rumors, with a little true or false.Peter Forsberg will be back with the Avalanche by mid-season.

False. First off, the Flyers would make a huge mistake by trading Forsberg, considering that he’s only making one million per year, and when healthy is still an elite player. Also, he brings a ton of emotion to a team that really needs it.

Second, Colorado is not going to pay the price the Flyers want. The Flyers will certainly ask for Marek Svatos, Woltek Wolski, John-Micheal Liles, or Paul Statsny, along with a top round pick. That will not happen, those are the building blocks for the Avalanche of the future. The Avs are trying to rebuild a system that has been traded baron.

Staying with Peter Forsberg, he will end up in Vancouver to unite with his Swedish teammate Markus Naslund.

False again. Take a wild guess who started this rumor, hockey fans. However, the only way I see this happening is if Forsberg is thrown in with Esche to get Roberto Luongo, who looks bad this year. Vancouver is another team that might not be willing to pay the price of the Flyers, who will certainly ask for at least both Sedin brothers. Oh yeah, I also don’t think that the Canucks will be willing to give up Ryan Kessler either.

Evgeny Nabokov will be a Bruin by mid-season.

Blatantly false. Nabokov has too high of a price tag, even though he’s in the San Jose doghouse. The Bruins are horrible and are possibly the worst team in hockey, but they cannot afford Nabokov and Chara. Also, Martin Biron will be out there for the Sabres to shop, he’s a bit cheaper, and the Sabres won’t ask for as much in return. Also, “Nabby” has a no-trade clause, meaning he can determine where he wants to be traded to, and that sure won’t be the mess that is the Boston Bruins.

Jassen Cullimore will be a New York Ranger by December.

True. Talk around the league is that the Blackhawks scouts have been talking the New York Rangers, apparently attending almost every one of their games. The Rangers are a little lacking in depth on the blue line, and the `Hawks are in some real need of warm bodies at this point. Also, the Rangers don’t play Chicago until February, so rule out advanced scouting. Look for a deal by the middle of the month.

Sergi Samsonov will no longer be in Montreal by mid-season.

This one is a hard call, but I will say true. There will be a team, with the cap space, who will be in need of first line scoring by mid-season. Right now, I would look for a Western Conference team, maybe the Flames to inquire about him, that is, if they already haven’t.

Simon Gange’s days in Philly are over.

Sound the buzzer this one’s false. Like Forsberg, the asking price for Gange, one of the league’s top young players, will be out of this world. Forsberg to Gange is still a lethal one and is just about the only thing that works for the Flyers. Why trade that? The truth is, this rumor was started by some non-Flyers fans, and caught steam on the Internet. If the Enquirer or any other Philadelphia newspaper doesn’t say it, don’t believe it. Gange is the future of the Flyers; he’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

Daniel Afredson’s won’t be a Senator for much longer.

I would believe this rumor, but John Muckler is a huge fan of Daniel. The rumor got started when a Kings scout made an off-handed comment that they wanted to scout Afredson for a possible deal. The Kings are playing pretty badly right now, but the price tag might be too high for them, especially considering that they are also running out of cap room. The Senators need a spark, but trading Afredson might not be the best idea.

Vincent Lecavalier and/or Martin St. Louis will be dealt from Tampa.

This one is true. Tampa needs a kick-start, especially at goal. Marc Denis is nothing more than a career backup. To get a goalie, though, the Lightning will have to part ways with one of their top stars. Who’s more likely to leave? Vincent Lecavalier, he’s younger, he’s cheaper, and he’s more talented. Remember, St. Louis is now 31, and starting to possibly see the down side of his career, also his small size will hurt him soon, and he won’t be this good for much longer.

Those are just the top rumors you keep reading from around the world of the `net. Remember, situations can change, and players can still be moved. These are just based on what is going on right now.

By matt Jordan

Matt is an in-studio producer for three radio stations in a six station cluster. He has produced and co-hosted three sports talk shows, with one of them becoming number one in the market. He also is a play by play announcer for the Florence Redwolves, who play in the Coastal Plain League, the nation's hottest College Summer League. He is in his fourth season. He also was the PA Announcer for the Florence Phantoms indoor football team.

In his spare time Matt enjoys reading, writing, playing RTS video games, debating on religion, and good music. He is currently writing a play, which is expected to be completed by the end of 2009. Matt also writes for Medusa's Kiss magazine.

2 replies on “NHL True or False”

Rumours and misinformation I really like this article but I wouldn’t agree with all the analysis – that’s the beauty of this type of article – you can make up your own rumours and put forth your own opinion without ever having heard the rumour anywhere else.

So, here’s my opinion…
Forsberg is staying put.  
Nabokov trade is not on – he and Toskala were told by coaches from the beginning of the year that they would be sharing duty all season long until the playoffs.
Samsonov could request a trade, but he is working hard to earn his way back up the lineup so that doesn’t appear to be a possibility.
Gagne is going nowhere – you got that one right.
Alfredsson is the Captain and the leader of the Sens – no way will he be traded this season.  He’s had a slow start, but that’s no reason to trade him.
LeCavalier and St. Louis both have no trade clauses – they’d have to agree to the trade – don’t look for that to happen soon.

The article definitely sparks debate – but rumours often do…

Where I get the rumors from.. Most of them come from spector’s hockey, but I got the Forsberg to Vancouver rumors from Larry Brooks, beacuse I need a reminder on why not to do drugs sometimes.

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