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Why I Like the Colts in Week 9

by Matt Wells

There might not be another rivalry in sports outside of the Red Sox-Yankees that is as intense as the Colts-Patriots rivalry.  Every year, the Colts and Patriots play each other in either the regular season or the playoffs, and every year the game is hard fought.

The Colts head to New England a perfect 7-0; the Patriots are 6-1 with their lone loss coming to the Broncos in Week 3.  The game will feature two excellent quarterback in Indy’s Peyton Manning and New England’s Tom Brady.  Both teams have their strong points.

So, who do I think will win this game?  The Indianapolis Colts.There are several reasons why I think the Colts march into the frigid New England night and come away with their 8th victory in as many games this year.

-First off, the Colts have Peyton Manning.  That is not disrespect towards Tom Brady; I think Brady is the second best passer in the league.  However, the Colts success always rests on the arm of Peyton Manning; Manning usually doesn’t disappoint.

Peyton Manning’s quarterback rating is 108.0, tops among all starters.  He has thrown 15 touchdowns combined with just 2 interceptions.  That’s right…2 interceptions.  The guy knows how to throw the ball in the right spot.  Manning always throws the ball where the receiver is going to be; therefore, the defense has almost no chance to intercept.

The man is a mastermind at the quarterback position who never loses his cool.  On several instances this year, he has given the Colts the win on impressive, last minute drives.  On the road in Week 4, Manning was 6-for-8 for 60 yards on a game-winning drive; he won the game with a 1-yard touchdown run with 50 seconds left on the clock to beat the Jets.  In Week 5, Manning and the Colts trailed by 6 points late in the game to the visiting Tennessee Titans.  Manning led the Colts on a 10 play, 43-yard drive, culminating in a 2-yard touchdown pass to Reggie Wayne.  Finally, last week in Week 8, Manning led the Colts down the field in a no-huddle offense, far enough for Adam Vinatieri to win the game with a field goal.

This, folks, is one reason why the Colts will win.  No matter what venue, no matter what defense he’s throwing against, and no matter who is around him on offense, Peyton Manning finds ways to get it done (in the regular season, of course).

-Some skeptics are going against the Colts due to the fact that they will be on the road against a hot team.  Skeptics, however, used that same argument last week when the Colts went to Denver and dismantled the Broncos defense.

The Colts have won major road games against some tough teams this year.  Along with last week’s victory in Denver, the Colts also marched to the Meadowlands and beat the New York Giants in Week 1.  The Colts also beat a feisty Jets team on the road in Week 4, upending them by a mere 3 points.  Oddly enough, the Colts have actually played a little worse at home; it has been those games that have taken Peyton Manning heroics for the results to be victories.

Wins in New York (against both New York teams) and Denver have been tough to accomplish, yet the Colts have pulled it off.  What makes you think a trip to New England will be tougher?

-Yes, yes, the Colts are 32nd in the NFL in run defense.  That’s right…their run defense is dead last.  They have no chance against the two-headed monster of Corey Dillon and Lawrence Maroney right?  Wrong.

Come on, folks, think about it.  The Colts run defense has gone up against the NFL’s leading rusher in Tiki Barber and they have won.  They’ve gone up against Washington’s Clinton Portis and they have won.

OK, those are just single rushers.  The Colts defense can’t stop teams with two formidable running backs, right?  Wrong.  The Colts beat the two-headed monster of Jacksonville’s Fred Taylor and Maurice Jones-Drew in Week 3.  Sure, the Colts couldn’t stop Denver’s Mike Bell last week, but guess what?  They won anyway.

That brings me to this point: it doesn’t matter who the running back is on the other side.  The Colts offense always seems to outscore the opposition, whether they gain 50 yards on the ground or 250 yards on the ground.  Once again, I think they defend the run poorly and still come out winners.

-Finally, the Colts have one thing the Patriots don’t have this year: Adam Vinatieri.  That is…a motivated Adam Vinatieri.  The Patriots inexplicably let Vinatieri go after last season and the Colts capitalized on the Patriots mistake.  Seriously, how can you just watch one of the best clutch kickers in NFL history just walk out the door?

If the Colts-Patriots game comes down to the final possession this week, and the Colts have that possession, the game is over.  It’s as easy as that.  The Patriots might be shaking for two reasons: Vinatieri is on the other sidelines, and Sebastian Janikowski is on theirs.  Who would you rather have on the sidelines?

By Matt Wells

27 years old. From New Jersey. I'm a fan of all four major sports, though I know most about football and baseball. Favorite teams: Sabres (NHL), Yankees (MLB). General fan of baseball and football, as well.

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Pats will win I submitted an article saying the Pats would win.  You have a good point about Manning.  No defense can stop him, period.  But I think Bellicheck will have the Pats amped and ready to prove to the world they are once again on top of the NFL.  I also think Bellicheck will have a better defensive scheme for containing Manning than other coach.  I’m expecting a close game up to the end and i think whoever has the ball last will win.

good article I enjoyed this read and i picked them to win and they did. Brady 4 Int’s?..

anyways i think you meant Stephen Gostkowski instead of Janikowski

the polish community is outraged!  Next thing you’ll be saying Gradkowski kicks field goals.

Colts put me over the top this week in my pickem pool.  

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