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Don’t Be Fooled by the Wins That They Got…

Their still, their still the same old Redskins from the block.  Things were looking bright this year, a change from seasons past.  A new and improved offense along with Greg Williams dominant defense looked like the formula for an NFC East Championship.  However, the Redskins entered New York on Sunday and showed who they really are…Many diehard Redskins fans thought this was a new year. In a literal sense, they are correct, it is actually a new year, but they were thinking deeper. Yesterday’s game in New York against the Giants was the biggest game of the season for both teams. The winner would take sole possession of first place in the NFC East.

Unfortunately for the Skins, their true yellow colors showed just as they do every year. The Redskins didn’t just lose; the Redskins were absolutely destroyed on Sunday. Tiki Barber rushed for an NFL season high 206 yards. Eli Manning was an efficient offensive leader passing for 146 yards while the running game dominated. Moreover, the Giants supposed worst defense shut out the second best offense in the league. Mark Brunell threw for 65 yards, while Clinton Portis rushed for 9 yards on 4 carries. Ouch. Ouch.

This year the NFC East belongs to the New York Football Giants. They look like a team destined for the NFC championship. All season, every single analyst on television has said everything from “The Giants aren’t gonna sniff the playoffs this year”, (Sean Salisbury), to “The Redskins have the best chance at knocking off Philly this year”, (Michael Irvin). Wake up everyone, the Giants are having a dominant year right under your noses, and you refuse to notice them. Guess what, their next two games are at San Francisco and home against Minnesota. What that means is that we all have to wait until November 20 when the Giants defeat the Eagles at home to start giving them respect.

On the other hand, the Washington Redskins season ended yesterday in New York. In fact, this is Coach Joe Gibbs first regular season shutout, ever. The last time Gibbs was shutout was in the 87 NFC Championship game against, guess who??? The Giants. Mark Brunell had a good streak to start the season, but that is now over. In the same manner as an elder Tino Martinez was on FIRE early this year for the Yankees, and then fell off, Mark Brunell fell off yesterday. Maybe Brunell needs the LifeCall service because he’s fallen, and he’s certainly not getting up, any time soon at least. The Skins next 5 games are against the Eagles, Bucs, Raiders, Chargers, and Rams. Then they get a break against Arizona before again having to face the Cowboys, Giants, and Eagles. Not an easy schedule, but if they pull out a string of wins they deserve to be in the playoffs. However, they won’t. On a side note, if anyone has seen Santana Moss, please contact either your local authorities or Dan Snyder, because after yesterday everyone is looking for him.

The hype surrounding the Redskins every year is unprecedented. Unfortunately, hype doesn’t win Super Bowls. Heart wins Super Bowls, something the Skins are lacking, and the Giants are flourishing in. In closing, was that really Patrick Ramsey in the game? Just another one of my famous metaphorical nails in the coffin.

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In hind sight…. I bet you feel pretty dumb for ever having wrote that.  Skins have no heart?  Giants are flourishing in it??  Their QB is a Manning, which is Latin for “can’t win big games”.  I will be quite surprised if Washington doesn’t win the division this year.  NYG will be lucky to gain a wild-card berth because Dallas and Philly will both be better than last year.

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