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What Sports Really Mean to America

Hurricane Katrina has devastated cities, Terrorists have destroyed the biggest of buildings, and wars have separated families, but not one force will ever be able to take away sports from the people of America. Sports have always been the shoulder America leans on when we need support. From the time my Grandfather was born until now there hasn’t been a time when sports weren’t a part of everyone’s daily life.Like back in 1943, when even the popular baseball stars went to fight for their country. Baseball never left, someone came up with the idea of starting a women’s league to keep it around. Baseball has never let us down. Whenever there is an epidemic in the country baseball has always been there to lean back on. No one wanted to concentrate on the war, no one will ever want to concentrate on a war, and baseball has always been the excuse that we use to keep our minds on something we love, baseball.

Remember back when terrorists destroyed the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. How New York rallied around the Yankees, who ended up making it all the way to the World Series only to lose a dramatic game seven to the Arizona Diamondbacks. And how Yankee fans packed “The House That Ruth Built” to stand on their feet and cheer for the entire game and show how strong the city really was. No one wanted to think about the building that was in ruins only a few miles away. They wanted to think about baseball, and the Yankees, and how the Yankee’s World Series hopes were riding on that game. Not how someone plotted to kill thousands of innocent people.

Remember just a year ago when Boston came back from a 0-3 deficit to the Yankees and won the World Series? Who doesn’t? No one was thinking about the War On Terrorism when Boston came back to win four straight games, something that has never happened.  Even the local news from here where I live in Michigan was all over the story.

And remember just a month ago when Hurricane Katrina wiped out the majority of the southern coast? And how the Saints all came together as a team to beat the Carolina Panthers, a team picked by Sports Illustrated to win the Super Bowl. How Carney drilled the game winning kick, and Aaron Brooks ran to him in the middle of the field to give him one of the most emotional hugs in NFL history. Or how the LSU sports teams all used the school to help people in New Orleans by turning their gym into a hospital and the football field into a helicopter pad.

It’s not all about huge national disasters, terrorists, or wars though; sports are an escape to anyone’s daily life. There is nothing I enjoy more than coming home on Monday after a terrible day and remembering that there is a football game on that night. Or after a bad week I can look forward to Saturday and Sunday football games. I can forget all my worries, turn on my T.V., tune into ESPN, and sit back to block out everything else that’s going on in my life.

Sports are an escape, a portable vacation. On Sundays we can sit in front of a T.V. for 12 straight hours and still thoroughly enjoy ourselves. And when a hurricane destroys part of our country we have professional sports to donate millions of dollars. Or when we feel like there is nothing to look forward to there is a Monday night match up that we can finally relax, and slow our lives down to watch. Yeah maybe terrorists, natural disasters, and wars can keep our minds occupied, but sports always hold their ground in American’s hearts.

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I agree Although I have never experienced first hand anything like 9/11 or Hurrican Katrina, I’m sure for a lot of those people sports was the only thing some of them had left.

not everyone… rallied around the Yankees, I’m sticking up for the Mets fans on this site ’cause I am one. But anyway, this topic has been written about quite a bit before, but I’ll vote for it.

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