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Smart TV: Arrested Development

I am going completely off topic today but that’s what happens when training camp is a month away. You know what kills me?  Shitty “products”.  If you think about it, television is exactly like the four major sports.  The constant expansion (800 channels anyone?) has eroded the talent pool and we’re left with programming like “Cooking with Adonal Foyle on $8M a year” or “Animal Rage: Sharks vs Kangaroos!”  Which is why I can’t rave enough about Arrested Development.  Aside from sports, I watch only a handful of television and Arrested Development is currently tops on my list.The quick summary is that it’s a story about Michael Bluth who is trying to hold the family construction business together while dealing with his insane family – a self centered mother, a father in jail, a possibly gay brother-in-law, a lazy conniving sister, a clueless magician brother, and another grown brother who can’t leave the nest – all while trying to raise his son, George Michael.  The preceding description doesn’t begin to explain how quirky and hilarious all of these characters are.  I’m not going to try to explain to you how the show is funny, just watch some of the clips and read the info here or check out this blog, The Model Home

The reason I’m pimping this show is because it’s a great show and I’d hate to see it leave the air. Despite the fact that Family Guy is getting a second chance because of strong DVD sales, it’s unlikely that any cancelled series gets resurrected.  

In this article, they mention that Fox loves the show and it was definitely going to get renewed.  But based on the ratings, a lot of people were worried it was going to die.  If Season Two doesn’t get off to a fast start, I’m afraid Arrested Development might get the axe.  Seinfeld started off the same way.  There were a bunch of loyal fans watching it on Wednesday nights and then all of the sudden, they moved it to Thursdays, and the rest is history.  I hope that Arrested Development finds such success.

Remember everyone, in order to keep pabulum like American Idol or Big Brother from taking over our airwaves, we have to watch the good programming and spread the word.  Unfortunately, as I’ve stated plenty of times, people are idiots and love that stuff so you have to message to people who actually have 5 brain cells to rub together.  I’m trying.

My Top 5 list of TV programming:

1 Arrested Development
2 Family Guy
3 The Wire
4 Coupling (BBC version)
5 Chappelle’s Show

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One reply on “Smart TV: Arrested Development”

It’s OK I think at points it tries too hard to be intelligent and clever. The kind of “This show is not for most of you” attitude.

I am a huge fan of the old MR.SHOW on HBO and David Cross is on Arrested Development – so i tune in.


  1. Family Guy
  2. King of Queens
  3. New South Park
  4. Chapelle Show
  5. Futurama (Always #1 but i’ve seen em all so many times)

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