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Sex Appeal?

When you think of Denver sports, you think of Mile High stadium. You think of John Elway finally winning the Super Bowl, and then doing it again. But lately the sports world has been looking at Denver in a whole new light. Denver now makes you think of Kobe’s life changing mistake. It makes you wonder how much we really now our favorite sports heroes. But does all this media coverage give Denver a certain Sex Appeal for free-agent superstars? Denver has been a hot spot for Free-agent spotings. On any given day you could see Kobe Bryant or Kenyon Martin walking into the Nuggets headquarters. You could see Quentin Richardson or Darius Miles talking with Denver star Carmello Anthony. You might even see Manu Ginobili fly in to have a chat with the Denver brass.

Carmello Anthony is loving every minute of this off-season. Denver is drawing stars to it as if it is the new Los Angeles or New York. Stars ar seeing the Denver Nuggets as a team on the rise and a city that is a hotbed for media coverage. And all of this is swarming around Carmello Anthony and his campaigning for stars to surround him.

Anthony’s top choices? Kobe Bryant and Kenyon Martin. “We should get both of them. I’d take a pay cut.” The 2nd-year star is projected to make $3.4 million dollars next season, but even if he took the pay-cut it sill wouldn’t be possible to sign both Martin and Bryant. But just the possibility of signing one would bolster a team that is already a playoff contender.

Carmello has only good thing’s to say about both superstars and is trying everything in his power to make sure he lands at least one. “I can play with anyone until they give me a reason not to.”

Carmello wasn’t in Denver when Kobe came to vist but had this to say about him.”I don’t really know Kobe as a person just as a basketball player. Kobe is one of the best players in the NBA. I have heard a lot of things about him, but I don’t go off what other people say.”

While Carmello hasn’t yet met with Bryant, ‘Melo and Martin have met a couple of times, and Carmello has a strong liking for the New Jersey Power Forward. “His game speaks for itself. He brings a lot of energy. We run like New Jersey runs.  I think he would be a great fit.”

No matter what happens with these free-agents, the Nuggets are a team heading in the right direction. They have players and front office members willing to do whatever it takes to win more games and put fans in the seats.

And if they do sign Bryant or Kenyon Martin, only God knows how fast this young team could take off.

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Like the start, could have more depth I just thought you could have gone more into what the Nuggets have right now and what they have done in the off season, like sign Camby.  How would signing one of the free agent stars make them competitive with the top teams in the west?  Also the intro makes me think you are going into changes with Denver the city and not really just the Nuggets haveing a better management team.

Carmello will take a pay cut…lol… Brian Skinner is making $5MM a year next year and CArmello is making $3 and change.

What’s wrong with this picture?

nice article i liked this article a lot. quotes from melo were a good touch and it was well put together. the nuggets will be nasty next year with kmart added to the roster

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