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Florida was good to me

In my first months writing for this website I was praying for a good story. I’d wake up, turn on sportscenter, check the local paper, check magazines and find that nothing was going on in the sports world. Oh sure, there was little things. I wrote on The Bobcats first draft (wow, that was memorable), on Steve Nash to Phoenix, On Denver attracting superstar talent, and Coach K dissing the Lakers. BUT WHERE WAS THE BIG STORY?!?!?!? It seemed the sports world had gone on vacation. So i joined it.

Denver Nuggets

Sex Appeal?

When you think of Denver sports, you think of Mile High stadium. You think of John Elway finally winning the Super Bowl, and then doing it again. But lately the sports world has been looking at Denver in a whole new light. Denver now makes you think of Kobe’s life changing mistake. It makes you wonder how much we really now our favorite sports heroes. But does all this media coverage give Denver a certain Sex Appeal for free-agent superstars?

Phoenix Suns

Phoenix or Nash-ville?

Every off-season at least one team decides to overpay for a free agent. This years lucky losers…The Phoenix Suns. Or should we call them the Nash-ville Suns?

Phoenix jumped the gun after they realized that their offer wasn’t gunna match the opposing contracts being thrown at Kobe Bryant. They panicked and decided to go after a point gaurd, a good move since they were looking at throwing Leandro Barbosa into the spotlight too quick, but they picked the wrong one at the wrong price.

LA Lakers

Lakers spelled without a K?

This morning Coach Mike Krzyzewski might have made the biggest decision of his life. Coach K turned down a 5 year, $41 million cotract to be head coach of the Los Angeles Lakers.In his doing so, he also might have given the final blow to an already reeling Lakers organization.

New Jersey Nets

Kerry Kittles: Rod’s Thorn?

The New Jersey Nets are the Eastern Conference version of the Los Angeles Lakers. A team relatively dominant in its respective conference about to get dismantled because of large contracts, as well as egos. The only difference between the destruction of the Lakers and Nets: There is still hope for the Nets.

Charlotte Bobcats

Bobcats Quickly Out of the Gate

As I type this column, Charlotte Bobcats GM Bernie Bickerstaff has a big smile plastered to his face. The Bobcats have pounced onto the NBA scene, and by Thursday night, we will see how the Bobcats strategy worked out for them.