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In honor of the New Year: 50 Personal Sports Blessings

Well, we have survived another year. Many things have changed, but most fire hydrants remain the same, at least where I live. I will be going out and getting drunk on this grand day. When the masses drink, I join. Who am I to question this sweet ritual?

I do not relish being out and about during the holidays. The bar is crowded. The garden variety alcoholic is more apt to throw hands, and why the hell not, it’s a special occasion. Every girl seems to have a boyfriend, and the couples are so damn happy. Bastards. I see bizarre styles, and wonder in vain if I could pull off those funky 2009 shades. No way in hell, I realize, no way in hell. And there’s always this lonely former Army lieutenant named Dan, sitting by himself in a wheelchair, covered in confetti and staring straight ahead, perhaps still lost in the jungle… Maybe he’d feel better if he were wearing a top hat.

New York Yankees

Fear and Loathing in the Bronx

The Stadium is teetering, Mo’s bridge burning down, Torre’s magic touch dissolving. The boss blusters, Abreu is flustered… too many problems need solving. And while chaos ensued, and the denizens booed, there wasn’t a game left to save. We are left with the ghost of memory, and whoever else decides to stay.  

And I wonder:

What’s the point of worrying again?    

New York Yankees

Another One Bites the Dust

By Billy Fellin

The New York Yankees and other prestigious members of the New York hierarchy were across the street from Yankee Stadium on Tuesday around a loosened pile of dirt. All donning Yankee hardhats, they broke ground on the $1.2 billion stadium that will be completed and ready for the team to move into in 2009.

So what does this mean for baseball? Just as the title says, another great stadium bites the dust.