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Hall of Famer For Sale

Finally, we’re making some ground. After all of the speculation, the he said, she said quotes and misquotes, we finally know the truth.

Brett Favre wants back into the NFL, and the Packers don’t want him on their team.

While it doesn’t appear likely that either side will be changing their mind anytime soon, (Brett is set on returning, and the Packers are focused on Aaron Rodgers) now is the time to start focusing on where Favre will be playing next season.

The Green Bay Packers have emphatically stated they will not release Favre, in fear he could go to a rival and beat them twice a season. They probably would be reluctant to let him go to another NFC team, as well, in fear they could meet him in the playoffs.

So, what then? Trade him to Baltimore and possibly see him in the Super Bowl? Ted Thompson is truly in a lose-lose, here. If Brett is reinstated and rides the bench, chants of “we want brett” will be heard for all 8 home games. Aaron Rodgers won’t make it out of Green Bay alive.

Regardless of the actual outcome, what’s better than speculating just a little further in the epic story that has become “the retirement of Brett Favre”?

Here is a look at all of the 31 other teams Brett Favre is more likely to play for, and reasons why or why not it will actually happen: