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Hall of Famer For Sale

Finally, we’re making some ground. After all of the speculation, the he said, she said quotes and misquotes, we finally know the truth.

Brett Favre wants back into the NFL, and the Packers don’t want him on their team.

While it doesn’t appear likely that either side will be changing their mind anytime soon, (Brett is set on returning, and the Packers are focused on Aaron Rodgers) now is the time to start focusing on where Favre will be playing next season.

The Green Bay Packers have emphatically stated they will not release Favre, in fear he could go to a rival and beat them twice a season. They probably would be reluctant to let him go to another NFC team, as well, in fear they could meet him in the playoffs.

So, what then? Trade him to Baltimore and possibly see him in the Super Bowl? Ted Thompson is truly in a lose-lose, here. If Brett is reinstated and rides the bench, chants of “we want brett” will be heard for all 8 home games. Aaron Rodgers won’t make it out of Green Bay alive.

Regardless of the actual outcome, what’s better than speculating just a little further in the epic story that has become “the retirement of Brett Favre”?

Here is a look at all of the 31 other teams Brett Favre is more likely to play for, and reasons why or why not it will actually happen:AFC

  1. New York Jets- The Jets would undoubtedly jump at this, regardless of how much they want the public to believe they have faith in either of their quarterbacks. Favre doesn’t want to play for a middle weight, though.
  2. New England Patriots- Tom Brady is the guy, but boy, would Favre love to be throwing to Moss.
  3. Miami Dolphins- Bill Parcells appears content with his three headed horse of average passers, but a Jason Taylor for Favre trade would make a lot of sense. Favre being okay with it, though, would make zero sense.
  4. Buffalo Bills- A team on the brink of the playoffs could emerge into a true contender with Favre under center. But the Bills have already destroyed J.P. Losman’s confidence. I doubt they’ll chance the same with Trent Edwards.
  5. Pittsburgh Steelers- Big Ben is the big man on campus. Favre has no place in black and yellow. He would look good in it, though.
  6. Cincinnati Bengals- Carson Palmer, as inconsistent as he was last season, is better than Favre. But I’m sure Chad Johnson might argue that.
  7. Cleveland Browns- They have a very solid starter in Derek Anderson and a future star in the making in Brady Quinn. The Browns are standing pat.
  8. Baltimore Ravens- So far, the most likely landing spot for both sides. The Ravens desperately need a good leader at the position, and are poised to make a real run at it if everything goes to plan.
  9. Indianapolis Colts- See: New England Patriots.
  10. Tennessee Titans- If Vince Young wasn’t so deeply rooted as “the guy” Favre might be able to relive the old days where his best target was Bill Schroeder, or a slow as molasses Antonio Freeman.
  11. Houston Texans- Another team on the cusp of contending for a wild card spot that just needs a little extra star power. Schaub isn’t so valuable that they wouldn’t risk putting him on the shelf for a year or two. Possibly a fit.
  12. Jacksonville Jaguars- Jack Del Rio loves David Garrard. No way.
  13. San Diego Chargers- No one believes this is possible because Philip Rivers is the franchise quarterback. But, as a guy who has been inconsistent and is coming off major knee surgery, he might be more expendable than you might think. This is the ideal situation for Favre.
  14. Denver Broncos- Mike Shanahan may have finally found his guy that gets him a game or two in the playoffs, in Jay Cutler. Favre is about two years too late.
  15. Oakland Raiders- This would be a disastrous landing for Favre, and there’s almost no chance of it happening. He’d be re-united with Javon Walker, but even that isn’t tempting enough to work under Al Davis.
  16. Kansas City Chiefs- If Favre feels like following in Joe Montana’s shoes, this might actually happen. Brodie Croyle is far from untouchable.


  1. New York Giants- Eli Manning somehow outperformed Favre in last year’s NFC Championship game. If New York hadn’t prevailed, this may have been a possibility. Now, not so much.
  2. Philadelphia Eagles- With management sketchy at best on McNabb’s healthy and playing status, it’s not impossible. The offense is a well oiled machine with the likes of Brian Westbrook and burners like Kevin Curtis and Reggie Brown. Ted Thompson wouldn’t allow it, even if Andy Reid said yes.
  3. Washington Redskins- Offensively, a perfect fit, especially with dynamic weapons, abound. But Jason Campbell seems to be their guy.
  4. Dallas Cowboys- Would Tony Romo take a backseat just to say one day that he played on the same team as the great Brett Favre? Actually, maybe. But even if Jerry Jones thought it was a good idea, you have to know Ted Thompson won’t send Favre to the Packer’s greatest competition.
  5. Chicago Bears- A disgusting thought, but it’d be hitting the jackpot for the Bears. Their quarterback situation is dire.
  6. Detroit Lions- At this point, Matt Millen could use anything to jump start his team. Again, Thompson won’t trade in the division.
  7. Minnesota Vikings- Brad Childress is still clinging to the “Tarvaris Jackson is the next Michael Vick” hope. I have news for him: he’s not. The Vikings would probably love this trade, but what could they possibly offer?
  8. Green Bay Packers- What if Favre promised to play out his contract, and they just unloaded Rodgers for some extra defensive help? Nah.
  9. Carolina Panthers- If Dehlomme is healthy, there is no reason to mess with success.
  10. Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Jon Gruden really will do anything to win. But they already have a quarterback over 38. That team desperately needs to get younger.
  11. New Orleans Saints- If Drew Brees wasn’t there, then maybe. But it won’t happen.
  12. Atlanta Falcons- Pure majestic irony. Favre finishing it all where it started. But number 4 returning to Georgia would not make the Falcons a Super Bowl contender. He and they would regret it.
  13. San Fransisco 49ers- How much would Brett Favre love a Mike Martz offense? This is a real possibility. Alex Smith is competing, REALLY competing, with Shaun Hill and J.T. O’Sullivan.
  14. St. Louis Rams- Despite his erratic play at times, and inability to stay healthy, Bulger is the guy here.
  15. Seattle Seawhawks- Mike Holmgren would find it hard to not pull this trade, but what happens to Seattle’s future? He doesn’t care, he’s done after this year. Seattle management won’t allow it.

Again, all we can do is speculate. But there’s just something in my gut that says one of two things will happen. Either Favre will come back and win the starting job, or he’s going to Minnesota so he can show up Rodgers on Monday night in week one.

One thing is for sure, it should be interesting.

One reply on “Hall of Famer For Sale”

Well done… on the speculations and break downs. If you think about it, even if Brett isn’t there, Rodgers is still likely to hear chants about Favre when he screwes up. Which is unfortunate.

You’re right about the NFC, I would be very surprised if TT let’s Favre go to an NFC team. As for the AFC, I believe the two most likely places he could land would be either Baltimore, as you mentioned, or Miami. Brett has emphatically stated he would love to go to a warm climateteam, and Parcells would love to have him there to provide an example for Beck and especially Henne. Favre has never been known for being a “mentor” type quarterback, but for Beck and Henne just to be able to watch him do his thing would be great for their development.

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