2010 All-MLB Team

Greatest inventions of all time: the wheel, the camera, Velcro, In-N-Out Burger. Over the last couple years, we can add one more thing to that list; MLB Network. For baseball fans, it is the Mecca of analysis, highlights and coverage. As I sat watching the 2010 Year in Review show yesterday, trying not to throw the remote through the screen as they continually showed those filthy, rotten San Francisco Giants celebrating their World Series victory, I found myself curious as to how they compiled their “All-MLB team.”

First of all, they had to choose just nine position players, one designated hitter, one utility player, one starting pitcher, one reliever and one closer to round out the team. From both leagues combined. Still, they made some…curious choices. In what was such a memorable year for baseball, how do you limit yourself to that tiny roster? So even though it may be more blasphemous than bringing a nun to a strip club, I decided to say, “I can do it better.” I’ve allowed myself a 30-man roster, plus a “backup” starting rotation (give me a break, it was the Year of the Pitcher) in choosing my All-MLB team for 2010:

Cincinnati Reds

The Last Thoroughbred

It’s all illusion, the accolades, awards and accomplishments. These aren’t etched in stone, untouchable by time.

Seconds stop for nobody.  

Perseverance is found on the field, never peace.

No matter the amount of success, or degree of failure, our competition will always return, different pitches and arm angles, different stances and strategies.

Adjustments become worthless, effort expended, and than, at breaking point, talent rises above, for a fortunate few.