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All Star Game? What All Star Game?

In theory, the All Star game in any sport is designed to showcase the best of each league and at the same time, entertain the fans with the skills of each professional athlete. Really? If that is so, please let me know when that happens.


World Cup Fan of the Week

It’s summertime.  I’m American.  Baseball is my nation’s pastime, gearing up for the 77th installment of its midsummer classic and my hometown heroes, the Chicago White Sox, appear fit to defend their title.

But soccer is the world’s game.  And I’m finally beginning to understand why.

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MLB Midseason Report

Believe it or not, we’re already halfway through the Major League Baseball season. Not only does that mean that it’s time for the worst All-Star venue in the history of sports, but it’s time for my annual mid-season awards (which, if it was a televised show, would most likely be ten times as exciting as the MLB All-Star game).

This is when I give you my thoughts on who, based on their first-half performances, should and will win the major awards…and a few awards of my own. Also, I will give you the All-Stars we SHOULD be seeing in Pittsburgh, not the ones the fans voted for because they saw them in a magazine once.

Drum roll please…

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Home-Field Disadvantage

Place your votes and punch your ballots.  Right into sheer lunacy.

I’m guilty. I just max-voted for A.J. Pierzynski on  

25 times, I clicked on the circle next to his name and hit the “Vote Now!” button at the bottom of the page. You can also count 13 votes for Nomar Garciaparra and 12 for Billy Wagner on the National League side of my online ballots.  

After all, I’m a baseball fan, and the All-Star game is my chance to point and click my way to the definition of fanatical support for my hometown team and favorite players across both leagues.