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All Star Game? What All Star Game?

In theory, the All Star game in any sport is designed to showcase the best of each league and at the same time, entertain the fans with the skills of each professional athlete. Really? If that is so, please let me know when that happens.

I haven’t watched a full NBA game since last year’s finals. I am a huge sports fan but basketball on TV doesn’t appeal to me whatsoever. I would however, have great interest in watching an All Star basketball game. The same goes for hockey, I’ve only watched one game on TV and that was a playoff game, I would be very interested as a sports fan to see the hockey All Star game. I know that poor promoting and putting some of these games on cable are the major contributers as to why fans aren’t supporting these games. Yet I am still surprised at how much fans tend to ignore these events. It’s a fact that they aren’t as exciting as they should be, but without the fans asking for more, nothing will happen.

Basketball and hockey All Star games are stuck on cable TV. To be honest, I don’t think I could have found the hockey All Star game this year if I had wanted to. It is true that I only watch hockey when there isn’t anything else good on TV. However, that doesn’t take away from the fact that maybe I would watch it if it was on a network like CBS. Up until two years ago I didn’t have cable TV, and I know that there are many sports fans that don’t have access to cable making it impossible to even watch these games.

Football and baseball are a big improvement from the NHL and NBA as they get more coverage and a lot of publicity, primarily due to their larger fan base. Still, football doesn’t get much love. I’ve heard rumors that they want to move the pro bowl to China. Now I have nothing against China, except for the fact that it is a 20 hour plane trip, it would cost a fortune to get there and the time would be all screwed up for watching it live here in the US. Instead, why not move the games around the US so more people can attend a game and at the same time put more attention on this event?

Baseball added the home team advantage element, meaning whichever conference wins the All Star game wins home team advantage in the World Series. Great idea, because now the games are filled with the best players and home field advantage is at stake. Maybe if the other leagues followed suit it would rally more attention from the fans.

My point is that the NBA and NHL need to move their all star games onto regular TV, not cable. And, they need to come up with new ideas to enroll fans in watching their games. These are great events to watch every year but they are treated in the NBA and NHL like any other game. The NFL could spice it up as well, and keep the game here in the US. If they move it to a new a country, forget about it. MLB can keep up their good work, they have great events around the games (home run derby is awesome) and they do a good job of promoting them. They hold the games at different places in the US every year. This enables more fans to watch these games live, without having to travel a long distance. NBA, NFL and NHL need to appeal to the fans and make them happy.

I know there are many great events leading up to these games for the fans that attend All Star weekend. Now if each league would just move their great pre-game events like shoot outs, legends game and dunk contests on live regular TV, there would be more viewers. This equals more money for the league, and more fans would get enrolled into the game each year. It is also an opportunity for fans to see their favorite player doing different events that they don’t see any other time doing the season. If they don’t do that they could at least add some excitement to the actual game because 99% of the people will be watching it on their TV at home.

Watching this year’s Basketball All Star game I felt that the players didn’t care much about the game itself. During the introductions for each team, there were only two players who smiled; Kobe Bryant and Tim Duncan. If the rest of them were trying to act cool it came off in the wrong way. To me it looked as if they didn’t want to be there or that it wasn’t a big deal to be there. Now I know that this is the All Star game and it’s nothing compared to the finals, but I just don’t understand why players couldn’t at least look happy. The fans voted them to be in the All Star game because they like to watch them play. If it weren’t for the fans they wouldn’t be playing, and yet, it seemed as if they didn’t care enough to smile or act as if they wanted to be there. Sure they attempted a few nice looking slam dunks (some missed ones as well), but getting some guys from a street ball game outside the arena would have been more exciting. Most of the game players were tossing the ball around aimlessly and looked terrible.

I don’t blame people for not watching this year’s basketball All Star game. I turned the TV off. They should’ve let the pros play the game with more of a street ball style and let them put on a huge show for the fans. Hopefully, they can get it together for next year, or at least put the Globetrotters out on the court instead. The game looked worse then a regular NBA game. If players don’t want to play the game with a good attitude, then substitute them, for someone else. I’m sure most of the players went to Las Vegas because of all the parties Jay-Z, Jordan and everyone else were hosting. If I had a choice, I would have watched a replay of a regular season game.

These games are technically different than every other game during the season. Games like this should be highlighting the talent that got each player to the All Star game. I don’t know why they even aired the second half of this year’s All Star game. In my opinion, this game wasn’t any different then watching a middle school basketball game. It’s supposed to be better then a real NBA game and yet it looked absolutely terrible. Sure it’s cool to see them all together but only if it’s going to be played professionally. If it is going to be played less professionally then a regular game, don’t bother. Adding some excitement to the NBA NHL, and NFL games would get the fans into it. As of right now, not many people care, and I know I’m one of them.

I for one think that it would be great to actually sit down next year and watch every All Star game until the last few seconds tick off the clock.

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i disagree The article is well-written, but there are some points that seemed porrly thought-out. The NFL could not move its game to a location within the 48 states because none of the players would go. The only reason that many players participate in the Pro Bowl after a long season is the free trip to Hawaii. Also, while the NHL desperately needs to find another network, I think the NBA All Star game works fine on TNT. Whoever doesn’t have cable likely is not a big-time sports fan anyway, since that would mean they don’t have ESPN.

Here’s something I do agree with you on: the actual NBA all-star game was terrible. It seemed like the players just put on an exhibition instead of actually giving their full effort, with maybe a few exceptions.  

thanks! Also, I am a huge sports fan and didn’t have cable/ESPN until I moved from upstate NY to CA. Watching ESPN is not the defference if you are a sports fan or not.

hmm How do you know players only go to the Pro Bowl for the free trip?

I HATE the home-field advantage thing in the MLB, I think it’s ridiculous. But anyways, baseball is the only good all-star venue besides that stupid rule…the other sports are okay, but they need to have athletes actually care that’s the only problem. They don’t really care about winning.

Good article… but I suggest double spacing the paragraphs, it’s easier to read that way on a screen and it doesn’t get too jumbled…

I think these guys are making too much money to go all out in all-star games or even Olympics (sadly). these aren’t just players, they’re investments, and I bet the owners and endorsers who have their stake in them would die of eleven heart attacks if they saw them going all out. The best bet is not to watch and maybe they’ll go away.

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