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Championship Week & The “WeakCS”

So, the usual, determining, gut-wrenching, frog-in-the-throat, hearth throbbing, “Please God let us make it through this week”…. week is finally over. Most fans of big time college football have been through this sort of week, kind of like—Morning Sickness meets Tequila Hangover. You can not wait for it to be over. This is how fans, players and coaches of the Oregon Ducks and Auburn Tigers felt when the week started and now both teams can rest unabated, nay, hibernate knowing they will now square off in the BCS Championship on January 10th.

This weekend gave us two abortion-like of games in the Oregon and Auburn matchups. Oregon State never really had a chance and Steve Spurrier and the Gamecocks were outplayed from the time the whistle blew. Honestly? I, like many, wanted both teams to lose (Oregon & Auburn) just for the sole fact it would be on account of the Beavers & Cocks. What a headline that could have produced. On the other hand I’m glad both of them won because TCU and Stanford in the Championship would have donned the lowest ratings EVER but the highest test scores between two Championship teams. Ha!

Looking back to August at teams that had 1st place votes: Alabama, Ohio State, Boise State, Texas and Oklahoma….all were out of the National Championship race at the beginning of this week if not way before. That’s what great and what I love about CFB. Not one, and I mean not ONE analyst that preaches week in and week out about CFB had the teams vowing and now playing for the BCS Championship in it! Oregon, no. Auburn, no.  But what is surprisingly funny is listening to most mainstream sports outlets now; some, if not all analysts will be telling their stories of how they knew these teams would be in it.

“I knew Auburn, Chizik, Malzahn and Newton would take this team to the top. They had all the pieces.” Blah Blah Blah.

And do you not love it when one of those “analysts” remarks, “Chip Kelly (Oregon HC) prepares his kids better and works them harder than any other coach in the country.” Somehow I’m sure if we rewind footage we’ll find them saying the exact same line about Mack Brown’s Texas team this year. Or Urban’s Gators. So just keep that Chip Kelly sort-of remark in your back pocket because mark my words, between now and January 10 you WILL hear something of that sort….9,000 times over. Dear Lord do I hate the month leading up to the Championship game. We’ll delve into that later.

History might keep happening yet again this year, it fell before our eyes last year as the SEC captained their 4th Championship in a row (which was a record by itself) by 3 different teams and now they have the opportunity to capture a fifth straight by a possible 4th team. People outside of the SEC circle, particularly the Pac-10 and Big 10 always complain about the favoritism voters show towards the SEC. Well PAC-10 and Big 10, let’s dissect the Conferences from an average of all 3 major polls:

SEC:       6 Teams

Big 12:   5 Teams

Big 10:   3 Teams

WAC:     3 Teams

Pac 10:  2 Teams

ACC:      2 Teams

MWC:    2 Teams

Big E:     1 Team

MAC:     1 Team

And with these average ratings there are several things to keep in mind and take note of:

  1. Pac-10 and Big 10: You do not get Utah or Nebraska yet so those two votes do not swing your way. And next year you can probably automatically guarantee Florida and Texas will be ranked by seasons end; so that takes care of Nebraska’s vote in the Big 12 and adds to 7 for the SEC…you are both still way behind. And on the subtraction-addition game, I’ll add one to the Pac-10 for USC and take one away for Michigan State. A blind squirrel finds a nut every once in a while but I guess we’ll have to take Stanford away as well as they will probably lose Harbaugh and their “Luck.”
  2. Hey Big 10…Look up. You are tied with the WAC in terms of ranked teams. And do NOT get me started on who they play. And I know what you are going to say, “Hey dude! We have 3 teams in the Top 10!” I hoped you would go there. Now, I would not have gotten this wound up about this topic had it not been for Ohio State’s profound (put my foot in my mouth) President. According to Jeff Sagarin, who is the go-to-guy for all that is College Football, watch this:  Schedule Rank belonging to Michigan State (60), Ohio State (64) and Wisconsin (71). Those 3 scores average out to 65, now to put some other numbers in perspective….only 3 teams inside the Top 25 have a Schedule Rank worse than that and all 3 play for Non-Qualifying Conferences: Utah, Nevada and Boise State, in descending order. Now, of the entire Big 10 Conference, every team minus two have a better Schedule Rank than those 3 inside the Top 10; and those are Northwestern and Indiana. The Idaho Vandals have a better S.R. Done and done.
  3. Pac-10: You are not out of the water either, while the ACC matches you right now, they are usually a little better. But you should be better than the MWC; instead of raping them out of one of their top tier teams to make yourself look better, you should have double the teams they have ranked every year. They are practically your retarded step-sister, except a big retarded step-sister that could probably kick your ass. Thank the Football Gods you are taking Utah and TCU is leaving for the Big East so we do not have to have this conversation in two years.

On the conference sliding note, a sad one has happened tonight which could have had a better ending. Nebraska closed out its Big 12 career, losing to yet another Southern Big Brother, Oklahoma, 23-20. This year you sort of rooted for them to do well, hell, some even picked them to go to the BCS Championship. Instead, they lose to all three Big Brothers of the South: Texas, Texas A&M and most recently, OU. At least the Blackshirts can now tuck the back end of that shirt in their hip pads and go romp through the Big 10. Should be child’s play for them I think. During the game a friend of mine, DJBJ, who is a die-hard Nebraska fan texted me in the last few minutes, and I quote, “I’m as nervous as a virgin on prom night.” Ha. Good luck in the Big 10 DJBJ, Big 10 fans are probably thinking the same thing when it comes to your arrival next year. Nervous as a prom date about to get…..

Looking ahead now to the BCS games, I still shiver to think automatic bids still exist. Conferences like the SEC, Big 12, Big 10 and Pac 10 and most years the ACC deserve one but the Big East? Props to Connecticut for co-winning that conference but at 8-4 to play in one of the biggest bowls of the year? That is just laughable. And for crying out loud, Virginia Tech lost to James Madison, anyone remember that? Both these schools now will receive a 7 figure payout for being mediocre in terrible conferences. My thoughts? Michigan State and Boise State should be given those spots. I understand why the Big East has an automatic bid, back when they had Miami, Virginia Tech and Boston College, but now? They should just do away with them and let everybody battle for a spot, then let the computers and the voters do the bidding.

So now we have almost a month before these big games approach our television sets and I refuse to watch ESPN or other outlets until the games start. There are only so many ways and avenues to break a game down. But they insist to forcefully shovel it every day….all day down our throats. How many ways can one person tell us how good Cam Newton is or how explosive the Ducks’ offense is? Well, just watch ESPN and you’ll find out.

Before I sign off, here are my picks for the BCS games:

Rose Bowl: TCU v Wisconsin. Pick: TCU

Fiesta Bowl: Connecticut v Oklahoma. Pick: Oklahoma

Sugar Bowl: Arkansas v Ohio State. Pick: Arkansas

Orange Bowl: Stanford v Virginia Tech. Pick: Stanford

BCS National Championship: Oregon v Auburn. Pick: Auburn

Enjoy the bowl season and after the games I’ll be writing a synopsis of the season and a look ahead to next season. See you in a few weeks!

Much Sports Love,


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