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30 More Reasons to Watch the NBA in 2007

The Best Storylines Going into the Playoffs

Well, we are entering the home stretch of the NBA season.  The playoff picture is beginning to solidify and the Oden – Durant lottery is all but set.  So here are the last reasons to watch the NBA before the playoffs.

  1. Miami Heat – The Heat are actually doing better without D-Wade.  But honestly, I can’t wait for this team to die a slow and painful death in the postseason.
  2. Dallas Mavericks – I really don’t think this team can be beat.  Dirk is playing MVP caliber ball, Josh Howard is the next coming of Scottie Pippen, and Avery Johnson is the funniest interview in the league.
  3. Detroit Pistons – This team is looking reminiscent of their championship season.  Not to mention I can’t get enough of Flip and his flex offense.
  4. Phoenix Suns – The Suns are running and gunning their way to another Western Conference Finals exit.
  5. New Jersey Nets – Jason Kidd should have been a Laker, and that’s all I have to say…
  6. San Antonio Spurs – The Spurs are slowly creeping back into the forefront of the Western conference.  Beware of them in the playoffs.
  7. Cleveland Cavaliers – LeBron is carrying his cracked team of misfits back into the playoffs, let’s see how far he takes them this time.
  8. Los Angeles Clippers – Did you see what happened to Shaun Livingston?  That was horrific.
  9. Chicago Bulls – I know it takes time for a team with a lot of new pieces to gel together, but come on, there should be some progress by now.
  10. Memphis Grizzlies – Hey, the Griz finally had a winning streak longer than one game.  I think major congrats are in order…
  11. Milwaukee Bucks – Well, I’m going to be honest with you, the only reason I keep up with the Bucks is to see if Charlie Bell is helping my fantasy team.
  12. Los Angeles Lakers – Please.  I’m begging.  I will put all of my journalistic credibility and salary on the line if we can just get Kobe some help…
  13. Indiana Pacers – This team wanted to clean up its image, too bad that meant getting rid of all the people who could actually play basketball.
  14. Sacramento Kings – Ron Artest is beating on his wife, the Maloofs might move the team to Vegas, and I’m still unsure about whether Mike Bibby is White or Black.
  15. Washington Wizards – Quality Shots!!!
  16. Denver Nuggets – I watch this team and I think I’m looking at a video game.  Oh, by the way, Melo just became a father.  Once again lagging behind Wade and LeBron…
  17. Charlotte Bobcats – MJ and the Bobcats are going to throw their hat in the ring to woo UF’s Billy Donovan to the pro game.  Yeah, he’ll go there, and Serena Williams is going to ask me to marry her…
  18. New Orleans/Okalahoma City Hornets – I watch this team to see how hard I have to kick myself for releasing David West from my fantasy team.
  19. Philadelphia 76ers – Depending on where this team falls in the lottery, meaning if they can get Greg Oden, I see them in the playoff picture next year.
  20. Seattle Sonics – Ray Allen is done for the year, I can barely name three players on their roster beyond Allen, don’t watch them, I know I’m not.
  21. Toronto Raptors – Thanks to the Eastern Conference being a crapshoot, the Raptors have a shot at actually getting out of the first round.  But don’t expect anymore than that.
  22. Houston Rockets – Yao and T-Mac combine for one of the best inside-outside combos since Shaq & Kobe.  Ah, Shaq and Kobe… I miss that…
  23. Boston Celtics – I saw Danny Ainge a couple of days ago, and just to mess with him I told him that I was Kevin Durant’s cousin; I’m still trying to shake him…
  24. Minnesota Timberwolves – Poor KG…
  25. New York Knicks – The Knicks should have never given Zeke that new contract.  Complacency is a bald head bitch ain’t it…?  
  26. Utah Jazz – The Jazz are still flying under the radar.  I like them to give someone a scare in the first round.
  27. Atlanta Hawks – I saw one fan sitting in the stands at the last Hawks home game that had a sign that read “We Couldn’t Win the Final Four!”
  28. Golden State Warriors – Even with all of their flaws, and they have plenty, this team is a big man away from being pretty good.
  29. Orlando Magic – There was a lot of buzz on Dwight Howard coming out of the All-Star break.  So I started watching him a bit more closely, he’s no Shaq.  He’s more like Shaq-Lite.  Less points, but same great rebounds…
  30. Portland Trailblazers – To draw interest in the team, the Blazers are running a contest to see which fan can come up with the best “Brandon Roy for R.O.Y” commercial.  

4 replies on “30 More Reasons to Watch the NBA in 2007”

give someone a scare? The Jazz are going to be a true four seed with home court advantage. How does a team with home court advantage give someone a scare in the first round? Did you not even look a the standings when you wrote this?

Jazz vs. Rockets The Rockets will be the 5th seed, do you think the Jazz will beat Houston in a seven game series?

that isn’t a scare though a higher seed with a better record doesn’t “scare” another team, and yes, I do.

One word…Yao The Jazz have some great players, they do. I like Okur, AK47, and Deron Williams. However, the Rockets have this big guy…Umm Yao Ming. Who is going to guard Yao? Jarron Collins??? Haha good luck…

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