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Crazy sports fans are a ‘Must See’ at sporting events

Look around you at sporting event and you might be surprised at what you see. Yes, there is that hot guy in the stands and he has his shirt off, but what the hell is all over his chest? And more importantly, why did he just spill beer all over you and not even offer to help clean you up?That’s because Mr. Sexy is also Mr. Fanatic, and not in a Philly Phanatic type of way either. Object one; please meet crazy sport fan and all of his friends. These people are very dangerous.

People make fun of them and then just as quickly are frightened by the way they react over what they think is a routine call.
Under any circumstances, it would be in the best interest of fellow fans-in-the-stands to not interfere with the mindset of a crazy sports fan. That would include not arguing with these people, not telling them to sit down when they are right in front of you, not trying to out scream them because you won’t win, and did I already mention do not argue with these people?

Crazy sports fans go to just about every game and they may even have season tickets. They know stats inside and out, they can update someone on recruiting classes, key in-game match-ups and they overanalyze every single game, on purpose.

These people add color to sporting events. They add an element that even the players they root for appreciate. They affect the fans surrounding them and after awhile the entire stadium or arena is pumping and that gets the adrenaline of their favorite team going again.

You better believe crazy sports fans are superstitious. These fans will sit or stand in the same exact seats, in the same position, at different times throughout a game. They will plaster the same number on their chest time and time again or wear their favorite t-shirt because of all the good times it has brought to them.

They tailgate hard before the game and are the first to rush the field after a big upset victory.There are so many other rituals, it just all depends on how they like to get pumped for their team. These fans can take on any curveball thrown their way.

A crazy sports fan is so upbeat before a game and throughout it is almost impossible to think they wouldn’t always be in a good mood. But hold it right there, if their favorite team does in fact lose, do not come to them and try and tell them off. These people will defend their beloved team till death do them part, literally.

On the other hand, when their team wins, crazy sports fans will go out of their way to go back to a fan that heckled them before the game even started and rub it in!

Don’t even think about arguing with crazy sports fans, save yourself the pain of defeat.

Do not try and argue a point with these people, I am trying to make this as clear as possible in case you haven’t caught on already. You may think you have `stumped the Schwab’ but always, and I really mean always, the crazy sports fan will have a counter attack ready to set fire and they will always win.

There is just that swagger about these people that the normal fans in the crowd don’t carry. It’s not exceeded cockiness but rather the simple fact that they know that they belong in the crowd bleeding the colors of their favorite team from their skin. They bring the energy to the Loudhouse every game!

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2 replies on “Crazy sports fans are a ‘Must See’ at sporting events”

crazy fans I am in the crowd that simply destests these type of fans. When I went to the Suns-Hawks game about a week ago, there was this guy right behind me screaming ridiculous insults at the Suns the entire game. He called Steve Nash a “Canadian alien” about fifty times and used the word “bum” once every thirty seconds. He didn’t add any color to the game, but instead annoyed the hell out of my entire section.

THere’s always that guy that heckles the hell out of the goalie from behind the net where I sit. Sometimes it’s funny. Like when a guy continually told Chris Mason – who was leading the league in GAA at the time that he was a “failure.” Even when the teams were changing ends and Mason was about 250 feet away. Ok. But the one who kept calling Martin Brodeur washed up (he’s got like 50 shutouts this year and he was in the midst of shutting us out 1-0)just looks stupid and takes our Hockey Fan Intelligence base (which I think is pretty astute for an American city) down about 3 or 4 pegs.

I told my wife to shush. hahaha.

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