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The Two Moves That Will Make a Difference for the New York Mets

There were many off-season transactions during the past months. Soon, every team in the Major Leagues will go into Spring Training with the players they already have, since most free agents have been signed. That is why I feel that now is a good time to look at some of the most important transactions made this off-season by a team that was champions of the National League Eastern Divsion and made it to the 7th game of the National League Championship Series, the New York Mets. The transactions mentioned will help to strengthen the Mets, in reaching the first round of the post-season and beyond.The New York Mets fell short of the coveted National League title, when they were defeated in the seventh game of the NLCS by the St. Louis Cardinals. The loss was crushing and heart breaking to say the least. Having witnessed the game myself. After the game, I felt a sense of hope for this season and I knew that some things needed to be added and dropped, in order to have a chance at the playoffs. General Manager for the Mets, Omar Minaya, knew that in order to have any chance of being a competitor in the National League this season, solidifying the starting rotation and outfield was imperative. This meant re-signing future hall of fame pitcher Tom Glavine. The Mets inked Glavine to a 1 year deal worth 10.5 million dollars and veteran outfielder Moises Alou to a 1 year deal worth 8.5 million dollars.

The New York Mets had some troubles last year with many of their pitchers due to injuries however Glavine was able to consistently pitch without injury. The Met’s rotation before the signing of Tom Glavine also did not consist of any proven or reliable pitchers. Since Pedro Martinez will not be expected to return to the club until late July to August, the signing of the veteran southpaw is a very smart and important move. Tom Glavine was a good luck charm for the Metropolitans last season, helping the Mets wins 24 games, which started with Glavine pitching. Glavine was also able to have the honor of being selected to play in the all-star game, due to his exceptional season, going 15-7 with a 3.82 ERA. Certainly for the New York Mets fan, having a pitcher like Glavine return in the starting rotation is a great gift. What makes the addition even more exciting is that Glavine is only 10 wins away from the legendary 300 win mark, guaranteeing a plaque in the Major League Baseball Hall of Fame. Glavine is 41 years old, well above the average age of a starting pitcher, but because of his solid performance last year it is hard to say how well he will pitch.

I believe that Glavine will certainly help this club this season; however age is catching up with him. There should be an increase in the runs he will allow this year. However, do not worry if you are a Mets fan or fantasy baseball owner because he will still be able to win many games with the help of the stacked offense of the New York Mets. Last season Glavine totaled 131 k’s, you simply cannot expect the same this year so look for a slight drop this season. Overall Glavine is just a solid addition to any ball club. Look for him to own a key role on the team like last season. The fact that Barry Zito didn’t sign with the Mets is just another reason why this signing is huge for the team. Mets fans should count their blessings that Glavine is back because without him the team would be very different.

My statistical prediction for Glavine is as follows: 14-9 with a 4.50 ERA and 100 strikeouts.

Veteran outfielder Moises Alou signed with the Mets also this off-season, filling the unsure position of leftfield. The Mets had problems with that position last season over the past years due to the numerous injuries of Cliff Floyd. Floyd was not someone that Mets wanted to sign this off-season because of his inconsistency in playing time and performance. So, signing someone other than Floyd was important.

 Alou is a reliable outfielder, who over his career was able to consume a .300 career batting average. Alou is definitely not as good of a hitter as he was 10 years ago, but then again was there ever a 40 year old hitter that played at the same level at 40 as he could when he was 20. The Mets obviously believe Alou will be able to stay healthy and productive judging from the 1 year 8.5 million dollar contract. Another indication that Alou’s skills have not completely left, is last season. Although, Alou was only able to play in just 98 games, he was able to hit over 20 homeruns and hit for an impressive .301 batting avg.

Moises Alou will just be another piece in the dominating offense the Mets will feature this season. Because Alou is on this incredible offense, look for his runs batted in to reflect the team he is on. After all, Alou is batting in a lineup that contains four all-stars. Alou’s homerun total won’t change much, unless he plans on juicing up in spring training. Fantasy baseball owners should highly consider the idea of adding Alou to their fantasy rosters. Moises Alou is good addition to any lineup, which includes the amazing Mets lineup.

My statistical prediction for Alou this season is as follows: 33 HR with 99 RBI and a .288 batting avg.

    The New York Mets were successful this off-season in my opinion, even though Barry Zito did not sign with them. Other notable moves the Mets made this off-season was the acquiring of relief pitcher Scott Schoeneweis, the re-signing of 8th inning man Duaner Sanchez, the return of Endy Chavez, and the re-signing of Ramon Castro. Although some say that the Mets don’t have enough pitching to make the playoffs, I believe that having a lineup with four all-stars is the equivalent of a 20 game winning pitcher. Overall the Mets kept a great amount of talent on the team and added some more. The Mets season will be one to watch this season because it will somewhat unpredictable.

My prediction on the New York Mets season is as follows: The Mets will not win the National League Eastern Division this year, but instead the National League Wild Card because the Philadelphia Phillies will be a very powerful team. From there the Mets will have an uphill battle in the playoffs. It should be exciting to see if the team can stay healthy and have enough endurance to fight for a World Series title.

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arethe phillies really supposed to be good enough to win the east? i haven’t heard anything on them the entire offseason except for the utley deal and  the move in the farm system.

Alou? I am a Mets fan and I appreciate the article, but no way Alou puts those numbers up this season.

New York Mets and Philadelphia Phillies Thank you for your comments. The Phillies have made many moves under the radar. They aquired Freddy Garcia and Jamie Moyer, who should  lend a very helpful hand during the season, providing some experience in the rotation. The Philles also replaced Mike Lieberthal with a solid player in Rod Barajas this off-season. Chase Utley as you said was also signed, for a 7 year deal. It is hard to underrate this team as long as Howard and Utley are in the lineup.

Moises Alou is older these days, but like i said in the article, Alou hit 20 homers last season in limited games. Alou is still capable of hitting .280, since last year he had a 301. batting average.

We’ll have to see what comes this season, anything can happen in baseball, that’s the beauty of the game.

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