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Good Riddance Saban

When is it okay to lie?  When would it be okay to lie over and over and seem offended by questions asked that bother you because of your lies?  Well, I think the answer to both of those questions is NEVER.  Nick Saban should have followed morals that he has in his life and follow what would be the “right” thing to do and he would have not been looked at and seen as a jerk, traitor, liar, and words that I would never write or printNick Saban lied over and over for the past month to the media, the fans, the players, and even in the face of the Miami Dolphins owner.  How can a man who prides himself in working hard and never giving up, sit up there week after week in front of reporters and make them feel bad for even asking such a question as “Is there any truth to the Alabama rumors Coach Saban?”  We heard responses such as “I have no interest in any other job”, “My job is here”, and he even went as far as “I will not be the Alabama coach”.  Excuse me, did we all read that in the papers, did we hear you say that right, cause from what I see you just accepted the job in ALABAMA.  It amazes me that someone can lie for weeks and not to just fans or the media, but to his boss, the man that gave him everything he wanted from money to control.  The perfect dream job was there, anything he asked for he got.  What a slap in the face to the Dolphins organization and especially Wayne Huzienga.  He deserves more than that.

If you are to leave, then leave.  I have no problem with that.  Many of us would entertain a good offer like that to leave our jobs, no problem at all.  It is part of life, to want more, to want to do more, to make more.  It makes perfect sense.  What went wrong, and where Saban has made himself a traitor and liar for the rest of his life, you DO NOT lie about your interest.  A comment such as “I will wait until the end of the season, and have to sit down and see where we go and what the future holds”…..”I do not want to comment about that in the middle of our season, we want to concentrate here and on winning”.  Great comments, those would work just fine.  You do not deny your interest, you do not say you are leaving, but you do leave a door cracked if need be.  I would take that and say okay, fine.  For you to lie, and we all sit there and listen to it and you make the media and reporters feel bad and you grill them on how they just do not let it die and you can’t help rumors, you just know what you know and you are not interested, done, period…well, that is unacceptable from a man that calls himself a professional.

I am a huge Dolphins fan; Nick Saban is a traitor and liar to me.  Not because he left after two years, he left the job unfinished; he left with things being worse than they were.  I see him as that because the man was dishonest to me, to all the fans, and everybody involved and interested and actually cared if he stayed or if he decided to leave.  That is very unprofessional and something that Miami, the organization, especially the fans will always remember.  Ricky Williams left, almost just as bad, but at least Ricky Williams did not lie, nobody asked him and he said no, I will not retire.  Ricky decided to leave on the day before camp opened, yes a stab that hurt, but Nick Saban not only took stabs, he twisted it over and over to where that stab left a wound that is wide open and will be for a while.  The organization believed in him, gave him full control and he leaves it.  Which is an issue in itself, but the bigger issue, leave if you think you can’t do it.  Be a man and admit it, yes your draft picks haven’t been good at all, not even average so far.  Yes you made a bad move choosing Daunte Culpepper over Brees.  Yes, the defensive line is older now than when you came.  Yes, the offensive line hasn’t improved.  Yes, there is a lot of work to do.  Yes, leave if you think it’s too much, that is fine.  But NO, you do not lie about it for weeks and then pick up and leave.  That is not fine, that never will be and I will be cheering for Alabama to lose for a while just because Nick Saban is on their sideline.  Not because he left my Dolphins, but because he lied before he did.  That is dirty, and Nick Saban walks away with dirt all over if you ask me.

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I know where you’re coming from… As a Jets fan, I know how you are feeling. I remember when Bellicheck did the same thing to us, taking the Jets job, then quitting three hours later.

Of course watching Pete Carrol do what he does at USC kind of makes me wish the Jets cared about competeing when he was there…

actually I have a friend who works in the Dolphins organization, and he told me that he never once lied to Huzienga throughout the entire process. Just letting you know. Good article, but you are wrong about that. He lied to the media, but not to Huzienga.

I am going on what i heard…. I know 3 weeks ago, I read in the Miami papers that Wayne was hearing all the Bama rumors, so he went up to Nick and said “are they true?”…and Nick said no, I am not going anywhere.  This was weeks ago, from when the rumor started, not recently.  So I just went on that and not the recent talks he had with the owner.  IF he did not say that, then Sun-Suntinel wrote a bad quote and false quote on that conversation between then two, which is another issue all together.  I do not have connections or anything, so I go with what I read and have read.

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