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Is There Room For One More At The MVP Table?

by Trevor Freeman

“Don’t get me wrong, he’s a great player but he’s got a lot of guys in that lineup. Top to bottom, you’ve got a guy who can hurt you. Come hit in this lineup, see how good you can be.”
-David Ortiz

I’m not thinking about the MVP right now. We’re thinking about winning a division. We’ve still got something to play for.
-Derek Jeter

All week long, the only commentary I have read from various sports pundits in regards to the race for AL MVP revolves around Derek Jeter and David Ortiz.  However, before we coronate another Yankee or Red Sox with the award, let me be so bold as to insert one more name into the argument.  It is a name that you all once knew.  It is a renaissance that is happening in an often-overlooked town on a classic baseball franchise.  His name is Frank Thomas and he has once again become “The Big Hurt”.
Quick………what are the three biggest questions in terms of deciding the baseball MVP award?  In my humble opinion it has always been:

1.    Is your team headed for the postseason?
2.    What did you do for your team down the stretch?
3.    How good would your team be if you were removed from the roster?

If these are the guidelines from which an MVP is won, I offer that Frank Thomas deserves as much mention as any East Coast player.  The Oakland Athletics are not only headed for a postseason berth but probably stand as the most formidable opposition to a Yankees-Mets Subway Series (a World Series that will draw as much ratings interest as a rerun of “How I Met Your Mother”).  The Oakland Athletics have been drilling their opposition for the past two months and Thomas has been at the center of it.  This past weekend was the clearest sign that this year’s Oakland A’s are for real, as they basically eliminated the defending World Series Champion Chicago White Sox from playoff contention.  They did so because “The Big Hurt” wouldn’t let his new team lose.

His new team…….I think I speak for all Oakland A’s fans when I viewed the Thomas signing with limited expectations.  I was hoping for twenty-something homers and eighty-something RBI’s over a hundred games.  Never in my wildest dreams did I think he would be walking into the upcoming postseason as the most feared middle of the order presence in the American League.  Watching Frank Thomas play this season has made me feel a sense of regret for not having paid more attention when he was lighting up the scoreboard in Chicago.  I have already started taping his games in Oakland, just in case I have a son who is right-handed. The reason being that I want to be able show him one of the purest right-handed swings the game of baseball has ever seen.  

Ten Home Runs and twenty-six RBI’s already in the month of September.  These power numbers have been complimented by .344 BA and a .379 OBP.  There’s coming up big down the stretch and then there are the numbers Thomas has thrown on the board.  To watch the A’s play is to know that the impact Frank Thomas is having on the stretch run goes even deeper than those spectacular numbers.  Every single time he comes up to the plate there is an anticipation of something great happening.  It’s an edge.  A cockiness.  A Hall of Fame flair that has caused opposing pitchers knees to buckle and their collars to tighten.  It is clutch three-run homers that have been sinking enemy ships.  It is the fact that Thomas has single-handedly reversed Oakland’s usual September stumbles and has the A’s humming towards October.  

If you took Derek Jeter off of the New York Yankees, aren’t the Yankees still a playoff team?  Maybe it’s a slightly tougher race, but without Jeter the Yankees would still win the AL East.  With or without David Ortiz, the Boston Red Sox are playing golf in October.  I’ll submit that Justin Morneau or Joe Mauer departing the Minnesota lineup would probably leave the Twins out in the cold, however since it’s not clear who is the MVP of their own lineup then it can’t be clear which one should be MVP of the entire American league.  Frank Thomas wins this category hands down over every other MVP candidate.  If you took Frank Thomas’ .281 BA, .391 OBP, 38 homers and 105 RBI’s (in only 126 games) out of the A’s lineup they are at best locked in a dead heat with the Anaheim Angels, if not completely out in the cold.  

A fellow Sportscolumn regular, YankTank, astutely compared Derek Jeter to KellyPomPoms.  I liked that comparison as Derek Jeter is similar to the prom queen at the height of her popularity.  However, there was always one girl I preferred and her name is JamieOldSchool.  JamieOldSchool was the hottie who went away to college and came back the summer after with an extra twenty pounds on her.  Then she started dating some loser guy and her entire appeal went away.  Two years would pass and then one day you’d be sitting with a buddy at the bar and she would walk in.  The poundage and loser boyfriend had been lost and a new personality emerged to complement the beauty that was left inside her.  Maybe the ending in Chicago wasn’t what Frank Thomas expected, however the new beginning in Oakland is more than we ever could have dreamed.  


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5 replies on “Is There Room For One More At The MVP Table?”

i def think he should be considered idk i just think that ny media thing swings so many votes, he would be such an unlikely candidate to win though… i mean who woulda thought frank thomas would be an mvp candidate right now??

Thomas Part of what makes Thomas’ candidacy so unlikely is that everybody basically thought he was done after two years on the DL.  Plus he got off to a slow start, however the last three months he has arguably been the best hitter in the American League.

Big Frank Do we need to start the comparisons to a few years ago when Big Frank, I mean Big Papi tried his case for the AL MVP? He had the numbers, had the winning team, and he looked to be a sure bet for MVP. Then his greatest flaw was revealed–he couldn’t play in the field! Honestly, defense does make a deference. Frank will have his award this year, Come Back Player of the Year. That’s where his awards will stop. He’s been GREAT down the stretch, but if there’s a DH who’s going to get the award, it’s the other “Big” guy, Ortiz. Jeter makes plays in the field that save runs, he builds confidence in pitchers with his glove and skills defensively. DH’s simply don’t deserve the award unless their numbers are RIDICULOUS.

P.S. Frank Thomas has a pretty swing if you’re 6’5, 275, and have no flexibility. Otherwise, it’s one of the ugliest attempts to swat a fly I’ve ever seen.  

Thomas’ Swing You can make the argument against Thomas for MVP and I can accept that, but to make an argument against that swing is something I can’t let slide. Frank Thomas’ swing is in my opinion just a perfect motion.  Watch him play day in and day out.  Even though he has aged, he always gets good wood on the ball simply because his swing in textbook perfect.  The only other righty I can think of with one that is as fluid as his is Manny Ramirez.

Yeah Thomas should get some MVP votes i don’t know if he’ll win thought. I think he should…yeahhhh im a little biased but who isn’t?

But come on man, Thomas’ swing is a thing of beauty…I try to model my swing after Thomas/Pujols/Manny and I rake! So…just kidding but they all have perfect swings I think.

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