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NFC East Breakdown

After a two-week hiatus, we’re back to bring you the best football knowledge money can buy.  What better way to get you back into the swing of things than with the best division in football, the NFC East?  Some guys have come (Vanderjagt, Randle El, Archuleta), some guys have gone (La’Roi Glover, Keyshawn, Ramsey) and some guys just can’t get enough of the East (T.O., LaVar Arrington).  While we aren’t sure how these changes will pan out in the long run, we do know one thing: it’s gonna be fun to watch. Dallas Cowboys

Key Additions:
Terrell Owens, WR; Mike Vanderjagt, K; Jason Fabini, OT; Kyle Kosier, OT; Ryan Hannam, TE; Akin Ayodele, LB; Rocky Boiman, LB, Marcus Coleman, DB, Bobby Carpenter (Draft), LB

Key Losses:
La’Roi Glover, DT; Keyshawn Johnson, WR; Dan Campbell, TE; Larry Allen, OG; Scott Fujita, LB; Torrin Tucker, OG

It looks like Bill Parcells has finally brought this team to a point where they can seriously consider a Super Bowl run.  The addition of T.O. gives Drew Bledsoe the first elite receiver he’s ever worked with and I don’t see this experiment failing in year one.  The running game should guide this offense as Marion Barber looks to play a bigger role, possibly giving Dallas the best one-two punch in the league.  The addition of Vanderjagt turns one of the worst kicking teams in the league into one of the best.  Vanderjagt is the most accurate kicker in history and in the kicking department, I have a Billy Beane-type view that there is really no such thing as clutch.  Who cares if Vandy is the liquored up guy who has missed a few in the playoffs.  The playoffs in every sport are a crapshoot and it’s going to even out eventually.  Kicking isn’t like every other position where you can succeed simply on raw emotion.  The defense also looks stronger than ever, despite the loss of Glover, as Parcells has groomed these guys for success and added a few nice pieces as well.  

Looking over this team, I honestly can’t find any glaring holes.  Quarterback may be the only question here, as Bledsoe is 34 years old and has already received his football AARP card.  However, with the new additions, I don’t see how he can’t have a season at least as good as last year’s.  All of their previous questions from ’05 have been filled, such as the kicking problem and the offensive line weaknesses.  This is a very talented and overlooked team.  Fortunately, this isn’t college football and teams get to the Super Bowl by having good teams, not the most attention.

12-4, first in NFC East
Parcells and Jerry Jones have built a solid team here and should be the top dog in a tough division.  Once they get into the playoffs I think they’ll run over everybody to get to the Super Bowl.  However, my crystal ball sees them losing to the Pats in the big game.

New York Giants

Key Additions:
LaVar Arrington, LB; Jason Bell, DB; Sam Madison, DB; R.W. McQuarters, DB; Will Demps, DB; Quentin Harris, DB; Brandon Short, LB; Mathias Kiwanuka (Draft), DE; Sinorice Moss (Draft), WR

Key Losses:
Shaun Williams, DB; Will Allen, DB; Kendrick Clancy, DT; Nick Greisen, LB

The Giants have a solid team here and are hoping to improve their finish from last year.  Eli Manning becomes a major strength this year, as he has potential to be a top 5 NFL quarterback by the end of the year.  He didn’t lose any of his weapons and will have a good variety of weapons to choose from, including the Antwaan Randle El-type rookie wideout, Sinorice Moss.  The running game shouldn’t be a problem.  While Tiki Barber may be getting old, you wouldn’t know it just by watching him.  Time has been kind to Tiki and there’s no reason to believe that will change this year.  If Tiki does get hurt, the folks in New York can always root for the Knicks…

The defense is still an issue for the Giants.  They picked up a lot of names in the off season, but many of them will only be good enough to replace the other guys they lost, or are only now shadows of their former selves.  The secondary is still a mess and will be unable to keep up with the likes of T.O., Santana Moss, and Antwaan Randle El.  LaVar Arrington, though he is still talented, has a terrible attitude and only plays when he feels like it.  He thought he had problems under Joe Gibbs, just wait for the train wreck when he takes a play off with Tom Coughlin looming on the sidelines.  The draft pick of Kiwaunka is a good one as he was very underrated coming out of Boston College.  However, he won’t be able to help out Michael Strahan and Osi Umenyiora on the line just yet.  

10-6, third in NFC East
You wouldn’t know it if you just read that last part of the article, but I do think this team is good enough to make the playoffs… in any other division.  The defense is serviceable enough to challenge teams without smart quarterbacks like Bledsoe and Brunell.  Unfortunately, this is the strongest division in the league and the Giants just don’t make the cut here.

Philadelphia Eagles

Key Additions:
Jabar Gaffney, WR; Matt Schobel, TE; Jeff Garcia, QB; Brodrick Bunkley (Draft), DT

Key Losses:
Terrell Owens, WR; N.D. Kalu, DE; Mike McMahon, QB; Andy Hall, QB; Zeke Moreno, LB; Keith Adams, LB

The biggest strength of this team is their core of veterans.  This team has been around the block a time or two and knows how to win.  They look strangely similar to those that went to 52 consecutive Conference Finals games without reaching the Super Bowl.  They don’t seem to have any players on offense except Donovan McNabb.  They don’t have a running back who can pound the rock so they’ll likely pass 80% of the time again, although without T.O. it may be more like 70% this year.  Their defense seems pretty similar as well, give or take a few guys.  Jevon Kearse is a big name to be added since those years and is a top 5 defensive end in the league.  Andy Reid is also a strength because he knows how to coach winning teams.  Basically, all of this is a load of crap (or dung for you kiddies) because there isn’t much to be positive about in Philly (except maybe Jimmy Rollins and Chase Utely breaking Joe D’s hitting streak and Bobby Abreu catching fire… oh wait…)

This team is truly a wreck and made no progress at all in the off season.  It seems as though T.O. has a terrible jinx on every franchise he leaves, but Philly fans are hoping it doesn’t get to be as bad as the 49ers debacle.  The defense, while it may have some good names is aging.  Brian Dawkins and Ed Jasper are two guys whose careers are well past their peaks and they may soon be joined by Trotter and the Freak.  The offense lacks depth, as it has for years.  Westbrook just can’t carry the ball 20 times a game and isn’t the type of back who should be expected to.  Ryan Moats is a good looking prospect, but his style seems to be a spitting image of Westbrook’s.  Reggie Brown is another guy ready to breakout and Philly fans will tell you he’s the greatest thing since the cheese steak.  However, he is not T.O. and will not be enough to make up for the lack of a second dimension in the offense.

6-10, last in NFC East
They simply can’t expect to improve their record if they aren’t going to improve their personnel at all.  It seems as though Reid and the other Eagles execs were hibernating this summer, as their biggest addition was Jeff Garcia.  Wasn’t it the great Vince Lombardi who said, “You’re only as good as your second string quarterback”?  No?  My mistake…  

Washington Redskins

Key Additions:
Antwaan Randle El, WR; Adam Archuleta, DB; Andre Carter, DE; Todd Collins, QB; Christian Fauria, TE; Brandon Lloyd, WR; Kenny Wright, DB; Rocky McIntosh (Draft), LB

Key Losses:
LaVar Arrington, LB; Patrick Ramsey, QB; Matt Bowen, DB; Ryan Clark, DB; Omar Stoutmire, DB

Now this is a team who made some smart moves in the off season.  They saw their holes and set out to fill them.  They added depth to their wide receiving bunch and they improved their defense with veteran players.  Adam Archuleta may prove to be the best acquisition this team made as he provides a hard-hitting motor with great leadership skills.  Andre Carter is also a good DE/LB combo guy who’s been around a while and knows opposing offenses well.  He’ll be great with the pass rush.  Christian Fauria also provides nice depth on the offensive side to go along with Chris Cooley.  This is now a good, veteran team, with a legendary veteran coach.  Sounds like a good mix to me.

I would’ve like to have seen the `Skins try to upgrade their offensive line a little more in the off season as that still seems to be a bit of a weakness.  However, Joe Gibbs knows how to run the football and it shouldn’t be much of a problem from that standpoint.  The defense still isn’t quite where it needs to be either, especially on the line.  There are no recognizable names top the average fan and they just don’t seem to be a great group.  I also don’t like the loss of Patrick Ramsey.  At least Ramsey was a serviceable guy who could back up Mark Brunell who does have a history for getting hurt once in a while.  Though Brunell may not be a superstar quarterback, he is the glue that keeps this team together.  He’s the guy last year who was smart enough to figure out how to get the ball to Santana Moss for a career year, even though he was always double covered.  Losing him now, without a backup, would become an even bigger kick in the man region.

11-5, second in NFC East (wild card)
This team is solid and I actually originally had them going to the Super Bowl instead of Dallas.  Joe Gibbs has proven that the game really hasn’t passed him by and this year he will take another step towards building on the Redskins’ lore that is Joe Gibbs.


Final Standings
Dallas  12-4
Washington  11-5
New York  10-6
Philadelphia  6-10


Stay tuned for the upcoming NFC North breakdown…

(Note: This article was originally written for The Bet Doctor.)

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This article is retarded… …I’d rather have someone poop on my head then read it again.

Homer? Well that’s true but what about:

“They simply can’t expect to improve their record if they aren’t going to improve their personnel at all.”

– I guess Darren Howard being a franchise player for two years and still under 30 years old is not improving. I guess Brodrick Bunkley being a sick rookie DT isn’t improving.

I guess that bringing back to Shawn Barber to sure up our Nickel coverage isn’t helping at all.

Or maybe the fact of the matter is that this team was besieged by injuries and if you take Bledsoe, Brunell or Manning and give them the same injury McNabb had last year – their teams would end up 6-10 or worse too.

The Birds get him and Westbrook back at 100% and they go 6-10 again?

It’s just retarded. The logic of people out there is just retarded. They act like the Eagles had McNabb/Westbrook/Lito/Tra ETC. ETC. out on the field all year.

They’ll learn.

Dallas? Please. Dallas sucks. Why because they got OWENS? C’Mon.

10-6 for the birds I think the Cowboys mights be 11-5 because of TO.  I know he’ll blow up in year 2 but he’s a beast in year 1.  He’ll absolutely destroy the Eagles in Dallas (and possibly in Philly).  

No way the Eagles go 6-10 again.

Put down the Kool Aid Complete heresy. Sheldon Brown can’t cover Owens? Please. We’ve taken Randy Moss completely out of games with JJ’s schemes. Owens doesn’t scare me with the d-backs and pressure we’ll have this year.

You need to check yourself before you wreck yourself.

dallas will blow why? because they dont have ANY depth at WR after TO and and glenn. none of the other 3-4 guys have even started a game in the nfl and they have only caught a combined 8 passes or somethin in their careers i heard on sportscenter.

i personally never thought bledsoe was a good qb and without recievers he will suffer even more. cowboy fans really need to keep their fingers crossed cause without depth at WR, as penn sttae found out, your offense becomes almost virtually unexistant.

Dallas The Cowboys also have Jason Witten who is probably the third best TE in the league.  Bledsoe had a great season last year with just Terry Glenn, Witten and Keyshawn Johnson, so there’s no reason to believe the trio is worse off if Johnson is replaced by the best receiver in football.  Julius Jones and Marion Barber are also pass catching threats to watch for.  I also believe that Patrick Crayton will step nicely into the third receiver role.  He showed flashes of promise in the beginning of last year before getting hurt.  He’s a guy who can make a big play.

haha Bigphilly is probably the biggest homer on this entire website. You think Shelden Brown can cover T.O? C’mon man. I mean BP it’s nice ur supporting ur points but u come off as the biggest homer ever.

Da Boys in 06-07!! First off, it’s great to see all the excitement for the season.
Secondly, now I see why people were so pissed about that fantasy WR article. That article sucked about as bad as Philly will this year compared to this one! (That was for you BIGPHILLY)
I think Washington will be the comp for Dallas this year. However, Washington ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS buys all the talent in free agency, then does has a decent season that never amounts to anything.
To the depth of WRs…Crayton could have developed into a strong #2..maybe even #1 had he not been injured. You’ll all see that he’s got Randle-El type talent (converted QB as well). And althought Bledsoe made some BONEHEAD moves last year, but with the exception of the elite, who didn’t?? Glenn and TO have MINOR injuries..this is football, isn’t it?
You want lack of WR depth…look at they even know what a #1 is? Oh yeah, it was T.O!

Owens, Bledsoe, and why Dallas won’t make .500 Ok, big deal, Owens is always heralded as God’s gift to whomever snd then turns into Satan and the honeymoon is over.  Everyone in Dallas is refusing to say what they think about the spoiled brats hold-outs from practice all month…he doesn’t like to practice and only plays when he can get face time.  This will eventually, if it hasn’t already, turn his teammates against him.  Thus, the internal conflict that has followed this player his entire career.  Bledsoe is one sack away from a stretcher and for all the “good” press he has for completions, he throws a LOT of interceptions.(career 166 complete, 96 intercepted)  It’s true that Owens gives him a decent receiver for the first time (Terry Glenn doesn’t count because he can’t hold em in the big games!), the issue will be keeping Bledsoe healthy  Especially in a division that will host the two best defenses in the conference/league (Philadelphia and Washington)  Your predicitions will be turned over when Bledsoe is hurt and misses six or more games, Owens acts like himself and is benched for six or more games (he is also injury prone with the ankle) and you will see the top two teams in the NFC East getting there on defense…Philly and Washington.

ok… Ok, I respect your points, and see where you could be coming from, but the fact is this; Dallas has depth, maybe not so much at WR, but if defense is what you want to talk about, Dallas has it. Depth is key, and they have it. Look at every position. Tony Romo looked to pretty decent the other night, I’m not worried, Todd Collins isn’t our back-up.
-Philly doesn’t even know what WR is. They have a #2/3 at the top of the depth chart! They have NO running game, and a QB that’s not sure he knows what leadership is anymore. Good luck there.
-Washington has officially figured out how to buy STARTERS…but they have this other problem with this other thing called DEPTH. They don’t have it, well not anywhere but WR. Portis went down, maybe not for too long, but they have NOTHING behind him, imagine that. When you exceed the cap on only starters, you soon realize they get tired and hurt…
-New York. The Giants are a really good-looking team. They’re the team that will challenge Dallas the most. They have a strong passing game, strong running game, good line, and slightly improved D. Eli is getting better and better, Shockey is Shockey, more WR threats, and Tiki one of the best in the league. The D will be solid as always.
New York

Philly..I might be pushing them too high in the rankings here

haha penn state had defense! one of the best in the country and they still only won 3-4 games for 2 years. defense wins games but offense keeps you in them, dallas doesnt have that if TO and glenn arent factors.

Penn State again? Cernig…you’ve always been one to make good comments with good sources and everything…but since when has college football been the equivalent to NFL football. I mean, some college teams are great…but comparing Penn State to everything?? Are you serious or am I just missing the joke?
I do however agree that we need those WRs…they’ll be there though..TO is just being TO right now. Shoot, I don’t worry though..if Tuna could handle LT through all his coke and hooker binges…he can handle a “diva” like TO.

im just using penn state as my example because they had a lot of the same problems that Dallas may encounter this season.  the NFL doesn’t measure up with college football, true, but the problems that could string off from this is all i was pointing out, while using penn state as the example.

also, i love how everyone uses “Manny being Manny” in their own ways these days. just yesterday i saw in a blog someone making fun of Yankees broadcaster john sterling, saying, “that’s just sterling being sterling”. now i see “TO being TO”. good stuff, good stuff… manny should really think of putting a label on that saying.

otherwise, goodluck to dallas, maybe they will prove me wrong. if healthy they will be a good team.

Don’t give ideas!!! You can’t just be giving the players or MLB ideas towards decreasing out freedoms!!! The next thing you know they’re gonna be trying to make us pay for fantasy baseball!!..hmmm?? Should I thank the federal court system?? naaa


  • First of all:  Under key losses he had both QB Mike Mcmahon (one of the worst QBs in NFL history), QB Andy Hall and QB Zeke Moreno.  Who the HECK are those guys?
  • Under key additions, the author didn’t mention the Eagles biggest pickup (DE Darren Howard).  He’s having a great preseason.  Other additions he missed are OL Winston Justice (draft) and LB Barber (Chiefs).
  • I like this statement, “They don’t seem to have any players on offense except Donovan McNabb”.  What?  I think Westbrook has some decent abilities.  WR Reggie Brown, TE LJ Smith, and RB Ryan Moats are playmakers as well.
  • How about this statement, “Their defense seems pretty similar as well, give or take a few guys”.  No, no, no.  They brought in DE Howard to start which gives them to good pash rushers at DE with Trent Cole (rookie sacker from last season), backing them up.  That is major.  At defensive tackle, they brought in Jasper (run stopper) from Oakland and drafted  Bunkley (best DT in draft).  Darwin Walker and Mike Patterson are solid starters.  They also have another good DT on the bench in Sam Rayburn.  The defensive line is incredibly deep.  At LB, they picked up Shawn Barber so he could start.  However, Matt Mccoy (rookie from last year) has been the Eagles best linebacker in preseason.  Jaws said that he’s going to start instead of Barber.  So the Eagles LB starters are Trotter-Dhani Jones-Mccoy.  Not bad.  Backups are Barber and Simoneau. Both of these guys could easily start for many teams.  The Eagles are deep at LB.  And of course the secondary is healthy.  Three of the four starters made the pro bowl two years ago.  And besides Dawkins, they are very young.  Roderick Hood and Quintin Mikell are good nickel and dime guys.    
  • Here’s another questionable statement from this article:  “This team is truly a wreck and made no progress at all in the off season”.  I mentioned most of this earlier but the Eagles off season moves were good.  Examples are DE Darren Howard, QB Jeff Garcia (huge), TE Matt Schobel (very good backup), DT Jasper, LB Barber, OT Justice, DT Bunkley.  They also extended Dawkins’ contract.  
  • This was also said this:  “The offense lacks depth, as it has for years”.  For a team that has lacked depth for years, going to the NFC championship game 4 out of 5 years must be a Herculean effort.  This statement is just way off base.  The Eagles finally now have a backup QB in Garcia.  Moats is a solid backup to Westbrook and Buckhalter has had a very good preseason. Their starting WRs are going to be Hank Baskett (maybe) and Reggie Brown with Pinkston, Greg Lewis, Gaffney (a starter last season for the Texans), and Mccants as reserves.  Remember, before T.O., the Eagles made it to 3 consecutive NFC Championship games with Thrash and Pinkston as the starters. Matt Schobel is a solid backup TE, and Winston Justice and Hank Fraley (a starter for years) are backup OLs.  There actually is some depth here.
  • And here is the most amazing quote from this article:  “6-10, last in NFC East. They simply can’t expect to improve their record if they aren’t going to improve their personnel at all”.  First of all, he didn’t put into account that the Eagles had MAJOR injuries last year.  Mcnabb, Westbrook, Kearse, Pinkston, Fraley, Akers, McDougle, and Sheppard.  He also didn’t consider the fact that the Eagles are playing a last place schedule.  So, for example, instead of playing the Bucs, Bears and Seahawks (like the NYGs have to play), the Eagles play the 49ers, Saints and Packers.  The bottom line is that the Eagles didn’t have to “improve their personnel” all that much because of the fact that many talented injured players are healthy.  Also, as mentioned above, their NFC East schedule is easier than the other 3 teams.  However, the Eagles STILL improved their personnel.  
  • Bottom line:  I strongly believe that the Eagles can win this division if they stay healthy.  The divisional games are the key.  My prediction is:

  1.  Eagles (10-6)
  2.  Cowboys (10-6)
  3.  Giants (9-7)
  4.  Redskins (7-9)

 —– Original Message —–

It’s amazing It’s amazing what rooting for a team can do it to. Makes some people delusional. Are there really 10 games you think the Eagles will win??

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