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MLB Power Rankings for April 21 2006

Welcome to the first of this season’s official SC Power Rankings. Power Rankings will be published every Friday throughout the season. Comments, questions, gripes are all welcome.

Rank (Pv)
1 (-) 11-5
If this team is still in this slot or higher nearing the end of the season then three things happened. One, Curt Schilling was healthy. Two, the BoSox rode David Ortiz like he was Seattle Slew. And three, Alex Rodriguez caught bird flu from a New York pigeon and passed it around to his teammates like show and tell.
2 (-) 11-4
A lot rides on the shoulders of the other New York team this year—only they can end the Braves reign of tyranny and silence the most nauseating sound in the world, the tomahawk chop.
3 (-) 10-5
Remember how nobody talked about the Jim Thome trade as a big-impact trade? How everybody said he was getting old, that he was a health risk, and the Sox were “taking a chance” on him? Well, he heard you. And he’s pissed.
4 (-) 10-5
The Rocket wants out, but I have a feeling the playoff chase will drag him back in, and with Lance Berkman healthy and the addition of Preston Wilson, they’ll supply the offense he didn’t get last year.
5 (-) 9-6
No matter how many runs the pitching staff might give up they still have the most potent offensive weapon this side of a stealth bomber… yes, I’m talking about Rick Ankiel.
6 (-) 7-7
They’re off to a slow start, but the Bronx Bombers have a $100 million dollar lineup and three future hall of famers on the hill. No matter how much we all root for them to fail, they will be back to their winning ways sooner rather than later.
7 (-) 9-5
The Chicago Cubs are the IF team in baseball—IF Woods is healthy, IF Prior recovers, IF Maddux continues to dominate, IF they have enough offense behind Derek Lee, and IF the bullpen doesn’t experience a complete meltdown… then they have a shot at being solid contenders.
8 (-) 9-7
In ten years we will be looking back at this Indians team in the same way we now look at the Indians teams from the mid to late 90’s. With Hafner, Martinez, Sizemore, Peralta, and others this team is chock full of future superstars.
9 (-) 9-6
The fact that this team is winning without Bonds batting his weight should scare the already weak National League West.
10 (-) 10-6
So far the Reds are the most surprising team in baseball. We all knew that outfield could rack up homeruns if everybody was healthy, but homeruns alone can’t keep a team in the playoff hunt all year. Just ask Texas. Time will tell whether Cincy has enough pitching to keep up the momentum.
11 (-) 10-7
Erik Bedard is the only reason the O’s aren’t battling for the AL East basement.
12 (-) 8-8
Colon is struggling mightily with an ERA over 7, but their bullpen is the best in baseball and Vlad is still the scariest hitter in the game because of his ability to hit any pitch thrown within sixteen inches of the strike zone. The AL West is weak enough that the Angels could win the division even without a strong starting staff.
13 (-) 8-8
Don’t let Milwaukee’s hot start fool you. It was a complete fluke. This is the same Brew Crew that has been mediocre at best since about the time Paul Molitor and Robin Yount left. Or, about the same time as one of Bud Selig’s relatives took ownership.
14 (-) 9-7
Chris Shelton is on pace to hit 91 homeruns, while batting .426 and knocking in 182 runs. He’ll have to maintain this pace in order to keep the Tigers in the hunt. The fact that he won’t isn’t good news for Tigers fans.
15 (-) 8-8
Bobby Cox feels an emotional dichotomy. He misses Leo Mazzone’s coaching ability, but he’s glad he doesn’t have to sit next to his incessant rocking back and forth, back and forth, back and forth, nine innings a game, 162-plus games a year.
16 (-) 7-7
Too bad for the Jays that they play in the same division as the Yankees and Red Sox. In any other division they would be a playoff contender.
17 (-) 8-7
With the exception of Todd Helton this team is made up of nobodies. Garrett Atkins (leads team in hitting, .375), Brad Hawpe (leads team in HR, 4), Matt Holiday (leads team in RBI, 15). Who are these guys?
18 (-) 7-9
Billy Beane is a baseball genius if ever there was one, but I just don’t think he has enough talent to bring Oakland back to the playoffs this year. Look for Zito to turn into trade bait if the A’s are out of it come June.
19 (-) 7-8
Of course its far too early to start in on the rumor mill, but three of the top ten teams are already in need of a centerfielder and the other seven are just a twisted ankle away.
20 (-) 7-9
On paper the Rangers are one of the most improved teams in baseball, but whether or not it translates to the field is still yet to be seen. We know they have no shortage of power, but last year they used 30 different pitchers during the season.
21 (-) 7-9
At this point the Dodgers are lucky to be within two games of .500, with Gagne and Garciaparra both injured and their big off- season move Furcal hitting only .230, and slugging a pitiful .246.
22 (-) 8-8
Lou Pinella leaves and the Rays seem to improve? There definitely talent here, with Aubrey Huff, Rocco Baldelli, Carl Crawford, Toby Hall, Ty Wigginton, Jorge Cantu. The question is whether or not they can compete with the pocket books of the boys up north.
23 (-) 6-9
The Phillies are another example of a team that has so much offensive talent they should compete for the NL East title every year. However, it’s tough to win games when opposing hitters are batting .315.
24 (-) 4-5
Arizona is either the best of the worst or the worst of the mediocre — Neither of which is complimentary.
25 (-) 7-10
The Mariners are tied for second in the AL with Tampa Bay for the team with the most rookies that have seen action (they each have 12). The Royals lead the AL with 14.
26 (-) 6-9
On paper the NL West should come down to the Giants and the Padres, but early in the season the Padres find themselves in the cellar. The NL West might be as weak as it was last year, and it might only take 82 to 85 wins to take the pennant.
27 (-) 5-12
Where were you when Sid slid? I was at home, pissed off, but taking consolation in knowing that the Braves were a fluke, while the Bucs were at the beginning of a black and gold dynasty. Fifteen years of the tomahawk chop later…
29 (-) 6-10
It’s an oldie, but a goodie. First in war, first in peace, last in the national league. Thanks to the Marlins, its not quite accurate right now, but there’s still plenty of time.
29 (-) 4-10
With a $15 million payroll it would take a George Mason-esque Cinderella run for this team to break .500. Have you ever seen the movie Major League? Owner builds team with the sole purpose of losing so many games they can move somewhere else. The Marlins are trying to reenact it.

30 (-) 2-12
Kansas City is so bad Buck O’Neal is considering coming out of retirement. The 94-year old Hall of Fame snub is expected to hit cleanup, behind Mike Sweeney.

5 replies on “MLB Power Rankings for April 21 2006”

How bout the Tribe? How could the Cubs be ranked higher than the Indians? Derrek Lee, mentioned in your comment about the Cubs, is out until June or July with a broken wrist. The Tribe has a much better offense than the Cubs, probably top 3 in the majors. Cubs pitchers Prior and Wood are almost constantly on the DL. Cleveland should be ranked higher.

Hmm I think the Bosox can stay on top of their division, the Yanks pitching is weak.

Milwaukee and Detroit are better than everyone thinks.

You’ve really never heard of Atkins, Hawpe, and Holliday? They aren’t THAT bad.

The A’s will be in the playoffs…don’t even worry about it.

The N.L. West will come down to the DODGERS and GIANTS not the Padres.

Good rankings, can’t wait to see my A’s in the number 1 slot by midsummer!

In response to your comments… I agree that the Yanks pitching is weak, but the Sox offense is not what it was last year or a couple years ago. I think they could stay at the top, but I don’t think they will.

I have heard of the Colorado guys, but in terms of big name players, they only have one. Just look at their payroll- Helton makes $16 million per year, the next closest guy is $4.5 million.

We disagree about Milwaukee, Detroit, Los Angeles and Oakland, although I do think the Tigers and A’s have a lot of talent, I just don’t see that talent being enough for a date with the postseason.

And if your A’s are in the 1 slot at any point in the year then I will say you told me so. In fact, if they are in the playoffs I will admit the same. If not, well, better luck next year. Of course, even if they do make the playoffs they will be another first round casualty, because even Billy Beane admits that his, uh… stuff doesn’t work in the playoffs.

Tribe I think by the time Lee returns the Indians will be well ahead of the Cubs, but as of right now the tribe has lost 7 of their last 11, despite a team batting average of .315 and 6.5 runs per game.

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