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How does a sixth seeded team make the Super Bowl?

The Pittsburgh Steelers are for real. Yes, I am saying it right now for everyone else to hear.

They are the first sixth seeded team to reach the Super Bowl, and may the force be with them. Of course you would think, this team is probably the most relaxed team going into the big game, after all they are carrying the most eloquent quarterback, Ben Roethlisberger on their shoulders.

Well, then of course you’d be wrong.
The Steelers have a lot to be thankful for. At the beginning of the year, things started off on a positive note for Big Ben and company winning seven of its first nine games.

Then, the offensive injuries began to load on and backups were expected to perform to high potential.

That, of course didn’t happen.

Tommy Maddox was the go-to guy entering week six for Pittsburgh, who was riding high after winning against the Chargers by two points the week before. But this week, the Jacksonville Jaguars were in town and were looking to take the game away from Maddox. They did just that, winning in overtime after a fumbled snap led to a touchdown run and a 23-17 defeat at Heinz Field.

Pitt won four in a row after that, but their winning streak came to a suddenly surprising halt with a nail-biting loss to the Ravens in week 11. This began a three game losing streak that nearly pushed the Steelers out of the playoffs.

Ben Roethlisberger needed a rebounding scheme to get the Steelers into the playoffs for the second straight time. As division winners, it wasn’t going to happen. Late in the year Cincinnati wrapped up the AFC North and left the Steelers below sea-level clinging for air.

Long story short, they made the playoffs as a wild card team, seeded at number six.

The playoffs began with a win in Cincinnati which overall rejuvenated the players on this team and gave them the thought that they didn’t need to be the home team to win, but they needed to have the faith and the confidence, and the encouragement to win and be a team, no matter what stadium they were playing in.

They strode into Indianapolis to face the Colts in what everyone who knows NFL football thought of as a Super Bowl team in the making against a team that sneaks into the playoffs every year and loses early in the game.

Not quite, critics, not quite.

Roethlisberger threw two touchdown passes in the first quarter to give the Colts something to think about instead of a Super Bowl, but rather staying in the game.

The defense held Indy and had a 21-3 lead late in the third quarter when Indy let loose, scoring fifteen points and making it a three point game with over a minute to go.

Peyton Manning got the ball back and was sacked on third and long inside the five yard line and the Steelers got the ball back, thinking ‘it’s over’. On the first play, first and goal, Jerome Bettis fumbled and the Colts’ Nick Harper picked up the ball and ran for his life.

‘Who could get to me now?’ he probably thought.

The answer is simply- Ben- Big Ben. Roethlisberger plunged forward as Harper crossed the forty yard line and tripped Harper, stopping the thoughts that ran through his mind.

The Steelers are now thinking about how Mike Vanderjagt missed the game tying field goal and how they upset the Colts in Indy and then how they upset the Broncos and Denver and how they are the first sixth seeded team to reach the Super Bowl.

How did it all happen?
Well, these are the ‘for real’ Steelers, aren’t they? With Big Ben and Bettis leading the way, isn’t there one reason why this all happened?

Of course there is…faith.

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I doubt the line is going to move enough to matter Everyone it putting money on Pittsburgh to cover the 4 points.  Seattle is almost an afterthought.   But how can it go up to 5 or 5.5 points?    That’d be insane.

Alternately, a lot of money will be put on Seattle to win.  It’s $100 to win $155.  

Vegas would love the Steelers to win by 3.

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