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JaxDeuce’s 2005 NFL Mock Draft

My first Sportcolumn article has to be a Mock NFL Draft. This is the most hyped, non-game, event in all of sports. To me to it like the little brother of super bowl Sunday. NFL draft weekend, something you plan your whole week for. I mean is it surprising that on this page there are 2 other recently written Draft Previews? And look at what topics are getting all the comments. Well here is my little list. It is based on team needs, rumors, and whom I think they should take. I think I factored in all these evenly.1.: San Fran. Aaron Rodgers, QB, California

Was this made in football heaven or what?
Here is a Northern California guy, who went to a Northern California school. Grow up loving, and rooting for the Northern California team, that now has a need for his position and the number one pick. Who else could they pick? He is the most NFL ready player playing the money position. I think a lot of wage on who the 9er’s think they are closing to signing come draft day, but can you see them going any other way? I mean did you see his personnel work out for them? Me either, but I heard it went really well!

2.: Miami Fins, Ronnie Brown, RB, Auburn

This pick is all about the scouting combine. Do I think that Ronnie Brown has a shot at being a great running back? Yes, but I think the guy who has shown that he is NFL ready is Cedric Benson. Based on what he did in college, we should be talking about Miami going with another guy from Texas. Being what is it, Ronnie will be the pick based on 40 times and the 100 million dollar word “potential”. Guess we will have to wait and see.

3.: Cleveland Browns, Alex Smith, QB, Utah

Do you really think Cleveland getting Dilfer was the end of addressing their QB problem? This is the prefect situation for Alex, he will come in and have a chance to learn for a seasoned vet who has been to the dance. This kid has all the tools, and put up the stats in college. Ok maybe the system he played in was meant for a QB to put up big numbers, but he is talented. All he has to do now is learn how to take a snap from under center.

4.: Da Bears, Braylon Edwards, WR, Michigan

When you combine Edwards and Muhammad, now Rex has some serious firepower. I think T. Jones is a serviceable, albeit not great, back. Now with teams unable to pile the box with 15 people, he may even be able to do more. Edwards stretches the field, and makes the big play. Now if only he could get over his little dropsy problem.

5.: TB Bucs, Cadillac Williams, RB, Auburn

Cadillac is not your big bruiser like Benson, or Brown. Gruden fell in love with him while he was coaching his senior bowl team, at least that is the rumor. He is a back who is elusive and can catch out of the backfield, otherwise the prefect fit for Gruden’s Westcoast offense.

6.:   Tennessee Titans,  Antrel Rolle, CB, Miami (FL)

Heard that the Titans may be getting Dyson back. I actually have Rolle going to the Titans more because of the fact that I would love Mike Williams to go to the Vikings. I mean do I really think that the titans with their new OC Norm, will pass on Mike? No, but hey, this is my Mock draft, so Rolle to the titans it is. And a 6’1″ physical corner to replace the 2 recently departed corners would not be a bad pick anyway.

7.:   Minnesota Vikes, Mike Williams, WR, USC

Williams to replace Moss, I love it! This 6’4″, 230, superfreak is the prefect pick for the Viks. Hopefully we can even get him to put on that 84 also. This kid has soft hands, and very big play ability. This is what the Viks had in mind when the decided to move Moss and take the 7th pick. Offensive ROY, mark my words.

8.:  Zona Cards,  Cedric Benson, RB, Texas

Benson is a true workhorse, and if he falls to the Cards at the 8th spot, watch how quick they get that card to Paul. Denny Green will be jumping out of his boots with joy to get a top notch back. CB automatically makes this offense something to worry about.

9.: Washington Skins,  Pac-Man Jones, CB, West Virginia

After losing Smoot to the Viks, this would be a great pickup for the Skins. This guy can really run, so team with with Springs on the other side, and this Defense is right back where they want to be. The team has already addresses the other side of the ball, so getting back “this team did not care about me”, and adding Jones makes this a team to be worried about…If Ramsey doesn’t become, ummm Ramsey.

10.: Detroit Lions,  Derrick Johnson, OLB, Texas

After spending years drafting “O, O, O” in the first round, time to look at the other side of the ball this year. Team DJ with “The Boss” and now you have to young, hard hitting, fast linebackers on the “D”. Add that with there other offseason additions, and the Lions may have there roar back.

11.: Dallas Boys,  Marcus Spears, DE, L.S.U.

Spears showed that he is one of the best DE while in college. After the Wiley bust, the cowboys “D” needs a good pass rushing guy coming off the corner to take some of the pressure off the secondary. I have not seen anyone predict this, but it makes sense to me.

12.: San Diego Chargers, Troy Williamson, WR, South Carolina

What a great year for the people of San Diego. Now to take the next step they need someone who can really stretch the field while McCardell and Gates work underneath. Williamson is a burner who will be walking into the ideal situation. He can come in and make plays while not having to worry about being the focus of the offense.

13.: Houston Texans, Alex Barron, OT, Florida St.

40 plus sacks given up again for the Texans. They are on the brink, but just need to give Carr sometime to get a pass or two off. Barron is a monster who could anchor this line for 10-15 years.

14.:  Carolina Panthers, Jammal Brown, OT, Oklahoma

With Gross moving to the right side, and no real answer for that oh so important left guard position Brown is worth the reach here. The panthers have no real serious hole, and can wait until the second round to still pick up a quality WR.

15. : KC Chiefs, Shawne Merriman, DE, Maryland

If Merriman is still available here you may see Vermeil cry again. This is a guy who can really get to the QB. Add that with some of the additions KC has gotten or is trying to get (Surtain). Merriman is a tweener who could stand up and rush the passer from the OLB spot.

16.: NO Saints, Carlos Rogers, CB, Auburn

Rogers is a physical corner who can also play zone. Don’t be surprised if this guy gets picked up much sooner. If he falls to the Saints, Rogers will probably be a starter from day one, and give this secondary so needed youth.

17.: Cincy Bengals, Mark Clayton, WR, Oklahoma

Clayton will provide Cincinnati with some insurance incase Warrick cannot come back, or is not the same player. While he is not a WR that looked good at the combine, Mark puts his best foot forward where it matters most, in between those white lines. He would be the prefect slot receiver for Carson.

18.:    Minnesota Vikes, Erasmus James, DE, Wisconsin

Remember the monster year that James had for the Badgers? Couple that with all the additions that the Vikes have already made on the “D” and now you have totaled changed the face of this team. This pick would give the Vikes one of the best D Lines in all of football.

19.:  STL Rams, Khalif Barnes, OT, Washington

With the Pace/Turley situation, where else did you think the Rams would look. They cannot afford a kink to be in the armor of the greatest show on turf. Locking up a good young tackle, and this guy is quickly moving up everyone’s boards, is the Rams priority.

20.: Dallas Boys,   Thomas Davis, S-OLB, Georgia

With the retirement of Woodson, adding this hard hitting Safety would be just would the Doctor ordered. Davis could also possibly play OLB in the show, but for the sake of argument we will have him taking Woodson’s spot as a hard hitting Strong Safety.

21.:  J-ville Jags,  Marlin Jackson, CB, Michigan

This team is in desperate need of a CB and I do not think they can wait until the second round to address the need. Beyond Mathis they really have no one else. Jackson has the potential to be great, and I do not believe all his “off the field” stuff is really that big of a deal.

22.:  B-more Ravens,  Travis Johnson, DT, Florida St.

The Ravens are really trying to get Corey Simon. If that happens this pick is off and look for the Ravens to go with a WR. If not, with there switch to the 4-3 look for the Ravens to take this beast in the middle. Another guy who has “off the field” problems that I think will kill in the league.

23.:   Seattle Seahawks,   Demarcus Ware, DE-OLB, Troy

This would be kind of a drop for Ware, but I think this would be an ideal situation for him. He showed a lot of speed at the Senior Bowl, and the Hawks really need a LB.

24.:     GB Packers,   Fabian Washington, CB, Nebraska

I think the Packers will address the QB issue in the second round with someone like Cambell from Auburn. So the most pressing non QB position for the Packers would be CB. Washington is a burner who has turn make up speed, and watch that Colts game if you do not think they need help in the secondary.

25.:  Denver Broncos,  Justin Miller, CB, Clemson

After taking the Browns whole DL, Miller fixes the next problem area from the Broncos. Now they could go with another WR, because beside Lelie everyone else is either old, or no good. Miller could also serve as a return man, so he gives the Broncos double the value.

26.: NY Jets,    Heath Miller, TE, Virginia

Pennington has be crying about how he needs a TE, well Miller is by far the best available. He has been out most of the “recruiting” season with a hernia, but should be ready for the season. If healthy this guy can be a real addition, along with getting Coles back, to the Jets vertical game.

27.:   ATL Falcons,  David Pollack, DE, Georgia

Pollack is one of those guys you root for. He is a hard worker who will go to war for you. He does not have those things that you see at the combine, but he has something that shows up between the lines. The dirty birds are looking up upgrade there D Line and Pollack would be the perfect fit.

28.:  SD Chargers,   Dan Cody, DE-OLB, Oklahoma  

Everyone is saying that the Bolts will look at a DE with the 12th pick. The way I see it, if they can get Williamson and Cody, the city of San Diego will go wild. Cody is an impact DE who has played against, and put numbers up against, the toughest competition.

29.: Indy Colts, Channing Crowder, ILB, Florida

Rob Morris may not be coming back, word is he is not a good fit for the Colts. Well here is an athletic ILB who I think would be a good fit with any D. With all that firepower on the other side of the ball, if the Colts can shore up the D, watchout.

30.: Pittsburgh Steelers,  Matt Jones, WR, Arkansas

Personally I think Jones should get a look as a Vick style QB, but if he must move, he has the athletic ability to do so. Word is he is racing up the charts because of his size, and speed. Well look for the team not scared to take former QB’s and put them at other positions, to take the chance on Jones.

31.: Philly Eagles,  Luis Castillo, DT, Northwestern

Simon may be gone, and the birds just need some work at the position anyway. I know, he took the `riods’, but he admitted it. Hey a lot of these guys have some sort of problem/issue.

32.: NE Pats,   Barrett Ruud, ILB, Nebraska

The Pats have a need, he fills that need….nuff said.

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Not exactly heaven.. Ive accepted that the 49ers probably won’t be drafting my guy B. Ez but Aaron isnt gonna step right and in be Big Ben.  Remember pre-Roethlisberger is was accepted that rookie QBs sit for a year or two to learn the system.  Rodgers (or Smith) are gonna be thrown to the wolves.  I’m just hoping that in a few years he can bounce back from it.  Not bad on the picks, keep up the good work.  

Your right… The match made in heaven comment was based on the fact that the Niners were getting a guy from NoCal who also is a fan of the team. I know that he is not “the complete answer”, but I realize the Niners are GOING TO draft him. I hope he does a good guy and brings them back from the gutter, and I am not even a niners fan.

Plagarism Jaxdeuce is plagerizer, i could have just as easily opened ESPN magazine and read what he wrote. tho not exactly, he took a bunch of ideas from ESPN mag. his comments about the players are just copies from that mag

Plagarism?! While I will admit that I have looked at SEVERAL NFL Mock drafts, the ideas and picks that are made here are ALL MINE. If you are willing to accuse me of plagiarizing please provide a link of anyone who has the same picks and write ups as mine! If you are BOLD enough to accuse me of such an act, then back it up!

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