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Sirius satellite radio: Every sports lovers dream.

Sirius now has carriage contracts with the NFL, the NHL (when it comes back), the NBA, NCAA mens football and basketball and English Premier League soccer.

CSTV (College Sports TV), in connection with Sirius satellite radio will be presenting March Madness tournament coverage from start to finish for the next few years.Every sports fan knows that you just can’t get enough coverage.  Whether it be TV, radio or actually going to the game, no fan is ever satisfied until they get complete end to end coverage of any sporting event.  Would ESPN’s SportsCenter be any where near as popular unless this were true?

Sometimes you just can’t park yourself in front of the TV to catch the big game, whether it be you are traveling, or that game happens to be going on during the work day.  Sirius allows you to catch these games whether at work or in the car quite easily.

The truly wonderful aspect of satellite radio in general is portability. Satellite radio units are PNP (Plug-N-Play), which means they can be used in just about any location, anywhere in the United States.  Most units have built in FM transmitters which allow you to use an existing FM stereo to listen in on all the action.  Some units also include such advanced features as headphone access or come with their own battery and antenna for on the go true portability.

What’s my motivation here?  Well quite simply, I recently got on board with Sirius, and I love the service.  The news about the March Madness coverage was just icing on the cake as I’m a huge college basketball fan.

Having all the options available for any sports fan is truly wonderful in and of itself, but Sirius also offers more. Take for instance Faction, the music station for extreme sports fans.  Sirius has signed deals with such talent as Tony Hawk, Bam Margera and Lance Armstrong to host shows on the service.  Recently they have also signed the legendary Bill Walton to host a show on  Sirius.

With the large amount of sports coverage, the vast varieties of music and talk, Sirius is definitely a technology that deserves some attention from any true sports fan.  Sirius is also catching the eyes of the mainstream public and investors on a daily basis.  In a recent review by Edmunds, the epitome of unbiased reviews for all things automotive, they just rated Sirius very highly, edging it over rival XM. Just in the last month, Sirius (SIRI) has risen in price from the 4 dollar mark to now over 8 dollars a share.

Sirius as a company is also taking steps to continue on the road to success.  Just last month they hired former Viacom and Infinity head Mel Karmazin as CEO.  Mr. Karmazin then immediately bought over 1 million shares in Sirius stock, showing that he has complete confidence in where he can take the company in the future.

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Well… …i think the idea is creative and interesting since i don’t know much about Sirius. However, you forgot the golden rule, spelling. You spelt traveling wrong in the second paragraph. In addition, it needs to be a longer article, as it was way too short. As the editor has patented, “if it doesn’t scroll past the google ad, its too short.”

Keep writing though, id like to learn more about the radio service.

Thanks Thanks for the excellent feedback.  I should have triple checked this story I guess.

nice… despite the spelling error(s) this article was very good when it came to pursuading me tword sirius. I have XM and we have 6 sports stations (2 of which are nascar) fix the mistakes and its front page quality


Thanks Thanks for the comments.  I have triple checked this story, and have corrected all grammatical and spelling errors.  I was lazy and typed this story directly into the web box instead of outlining and writing in a proper word processor.

No, certainly not spam While I am sure that most people are sick of being bombarded with spam, this most certainly is not.  I do not work for Sirius, have no official affiliation with them (I’m not a dealer) and I am only a very enthusiastic subscriber of said service, mostly because of the vast sports coverage that Sirius has to offer.  Would a spammer stick around to submit their story multiple times, stick around to respond to comments, etc?   It is certainly easier to write this off as spam than reading and thinking about the story I guess.

Granted.. Sure, it obviously does promote Sirius in some way.  Everyone has heard of ESPN by now, unless you’ve been living under a rock.  I was trying to show that Sirius is another valuable resource for keeping up. There is the true value of the story.  I’m sorry if this comes across as spamming or the like.  However, I wrote this story based on the FAQ on this very site:

What kind of articles should I submit here?

Well, the short answer is anything you find interesting. We do not get upset if we do not like your articles. In fact, if we do not like your article, but it was posted in all sincerity as something you thought was interesting, we will just leave it alone and let the users decide whether to post it or not (see What is the voting queue?).

The longish answer is anything related to sports, culture and entertainment, or stuff you think is interesting.

This article qualifies as something that I find interesting, and is both related to sports and entertainment.  Surely there is value in that?

Sirius Question Hey, I was wondering if you knew if I could take my Sirius to Tobago if I wanted to, I’m going there and  it would be awesome if you could tell me.  I’m going during spring break and I don’t want to miss any college basketball!!

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