Fantasy Football Inaugural Fantasy Football League

Fantasy Football is coming and as the lead Fantasy Sports columnist on SC.COM I would like to invite you to participate. See below for where we stand today. If the response for this is great we can setup mutltiple leagues and structure an SC.COM Fantasy Empire! This is part of the SC.COM message boards family…Check it out…

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We are still looking for a 10th team. If we get enough responses we’ll go to 12 teams.

I will setup a league on YAHOO! and get a draft date (LIVE) for early AUGUST.

There have been discussion about this being a money league. Please respond to this if you are in the league with a post on your thoughts about the following:

$50 a team
$20 a team
$10 a team
No Charge Let’s just Play and Have fun

The overall points winner for the season would win 40%.
The overall points 2nd place would win 10%.
The winner of the Super Bowl would win 40%.
The loser of the Super Bowl would win 10%.

We would deposit into a paypal bucket that would then pay it out. If you can’t receive via paypal and you win…I would cut a check from my account to pay out.

Let me know other thoughts.

I’ll post the scoring system and other high notes shortly. If you have any scoring/payout/rules suggestions that you love post em here and I’ll see what I can do.

Thanks and let’s enjoy another great year in the NFL…

Teams to Date:
2 -BP
5- Leifdawg (East Coast Style)
6- Eagle Diehard
7 -Swing on This
8 -Stevemc
9 -Saratoga
10 –
11 -Optional
12 -Optional

Vick was the #1 QB pick going into most leagues last year. A broken leg later and a wasted season is he still the top Fantasy QB?

3 replies on “ Inaugural Fantasy Football League”

Too much for point total I think the payout for highest points is too high.  I’d say drop it down to 25% for highest point total only.  No 2nd highest award.

I’m in for $50. SC does not encourage nor supports wagering on the site.  That being said, what you do on the forums is your business. 🙂

Excellent disclaimer Gambling is illegal and we treat it that way here…


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