College Basketball

NCAA Championship Game – 2003

(originally posted on 4/7/2003)

6:54 1st Half – Syracuse, despite me rooting for them are up by 14. I am a big a fan of Carmelo Anthony as anyone but the two biggest Syracuse stars so far are McNamara and Warrick. M’s got incredible range and W has got hops and a wingspan you wouldn’t believe. Syracuse has to figure out a way to stop Collison. He’s a monster on the inside.
4:29 1st Half – Roy Williams does not look happy. The Jayhawks are trying to run against the Orangemen and nothing is going well. Of course, I’m rooting for Syracuse so expect Kansas to come roaring back in the second half. Nothing is ever easy. Are Chevy commercials among the worst on TV right now? Even the Viagra (not that I need it) commercials are better. Although I’m quite concerned that a lot of men are looking at Bob lasciviously as he strolls through this party after having visited his doctor for a prescription for Viagra. How old will I be when it is no longer acceptable to look at the cheerleaders during March Madness?

0:58 1st Half – A very dubious intentional call on Carmelo Anthony. Seems to be a makeup call from the blown charge call on Kansas a minute ago. Despite the 10 point margin at this point, you get the feeling that this is going to go down to the wire in the second half. Close up of the Syracuse cheerleaders as the teams head to the locker room. There are 10 things that a guy should never do and cheerleading is about 9 of them.

Halftime – It is painful listening to Tom Izzo. Someone get him a lozenge. Time to channel surf. Perhaps being a lifelong Philly fan has taught me to expect the worst, but I have a really bad feeling about how this game will end.

16:39 2nd Half –  Kansas is making their run and are within 4. Let’s see how Syracuse responds to this. The Courtney and David Arquette coke commercial is officially the most annoying commercial on TV.

11:48 2nd Half – Let’s see if Syracuse can get this up to a 10 point lead again. Edelin fouled and going to the free throw lane. Makes one of two and now Syracuse up by 9 with 10 minutes left. Who has the worst haircut? Hinrich or Graves? The refs are trying to cheat again. But Kansas can’t make the front ends of 1 and 1s. The strategy Syracuse should use at this point is to get Kansas to kick the ball every 30 seconds and have them repeat this about 10 times. I should be a basketball coach I think. Why isn’t North Carolina calling me?

6:55 2nd Half – First Jon Gruden and now Queen Latifah. Remind me never to stay at a Marriott again. Langford fouls out of the game on a pretty bad call. Seemed to me Edelin was out of control and travelled. Now Edelin, make some damn free throws. Roy Williams looking confused. Trying to figure out what he’s going to say in the post game conference.

5:09 2nd Half – Pace makes a beautiful drive and scores. Anthony leaves the shooting hand up too long and misses the 3 pointer. That would’ve ended the game. If you make the shot, the hand up in the air is very cool. If you miss it, you look like a dumbass. Who gets MOP of this game? The Mountain Dew Code Red commercial “No easy buckets” is brilliant. Why is it so hard for people to make good commercials?

2:55 2nd Half – Time running out on the Rock Choke Jayhawks. Phantom offensive call on Syracuse. So phantom, they couldn’t even replay it on CBS.

1:00 2nd Half – Syracuse up by 3 and the ball. Come on Syracuse, DON’T CHOKE. Anthony misses the one and one. That’s my definition of choke. 28 seconds left. Syracuse up by two. Just make the free throws! I knew this would be a gut-wrencher.

0:00 – WOW. What a great finish. Warrick makes up for two free throw misses with a sensational block on Lee. Pretty classy of Roy Williams to go congratulate the Syracuse players. Well, time to go figure out how to spend my second place pool winnings.

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