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Rip Off! Academic College Students Forced to Subsidize Big-Time Athletic Programs

By Diane M. Grassi

The term “redistribution of wealth” has become a well-known and familiar phrase bandied about amongst political elite and used as a wedge issue to conveniently spin U.S. federal and state economic policy. And yet implementation of such policies stretches well beyond the Beltway or state houses.

To wit, the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) brings new meaning to redistributing wealth, that might surprise many a passionate fan of big-time Division I college and university football and basketball.

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Should Collegiate Athletes Get Paid?

The debate has raged on for years now. Major college sports have become some of the most enjoyable events for spectators, while also providing great opportunities for the athletes who play them. College sports provide drama, tension, produces die-hard loyal fans and of course, who can forget the infamous college football playoff system (aka BCS). It is through college that most student-athletes get the first real opportunity to show their abilities and maybe one day gets drafted professionally for the sport in which they participate. But where is the line drawn for the student-athlete? Why do kids really go to college? For all of my life I always thought the main reason for attending college was to get an education and if you were lucky enough and/or talented enough, you might even get the opportunity to play a sport. Bob Dylan once wrote, “The times they are a changin'” and that quote holds true in this situation. It’s now even being rumored these same student-athletes, who us spectators make into immortals, are now looking to get paid during their tenure at SCHOOL!


Let’s stop right there.