New England Patriots

One Month Later: Super Bowl Catharsis

By Ryan McGowan

I almost died on February 5, 2012.

Well, maybe not physically, though a heart attack or stomach explosion seemed quite imminent, especially after Tom Brady got called for a safety in the first quarter of Super Bowl XLVI.

NFL General

2012 Super Bowl XLVI Picks and Podcast

It’s Super Bowl XLVI which means Super Bowl 105051 in real numbers.  It’s hard to believe we’ve played that many Super Bowls since the 60s.    The only person left with skin in the game is Ryan so he actually dissects the game.   The rest of us spend most of the podcast talking about what the Super Bowl is all about — no, not commercials you corporate bastard — Prop Bets!

If you want the picks, you gotta listen to the podcast.

The featured games this week are… the Super Bowl and the Puppy Bowl VIII.

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