New England Patriots

Kings of the City

By Ryan McGowan

A local radio host (Andy Gresh of 98.5 the Sports Hub) got me thinking Sunday morning.  Tom Brady, Gresh said, is Boston sports.  With all due respect to Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, Josh Beckett, and maybe Jason Varitek, when people think of sports in the Hub, #12 shows up in their minds as the physical incarnation of our fair city’s athletics.

But, like a lot of Patriots realists, Gresh is starting to see Brady’s career as kicking into the back nine and into irreversible decline.  So, he opines, who will become “the” icon of Boston sports when Brady is gone later in this decade?  And then, who is currently “the” icon of the other major sports cities of America?  When you think of a city’s sports scene, who embodies that city?  And who will be next?