College Basketball

A slightly biased, completely justified analysis of Klay Thompson’s case for Player of the Year

This article comes about due to a recent piece I read on Yahoo! about BYU’s Jimmer Fredette being a “worthy candidate” for college basketball’s annual John R. Wooden (Player of the Year) award. I have no problems with that assertion and even support it. The main reason for my aversion to the article is my undying faithfulness to the Washington State University basketball team; especially Klay Thompson, and the limited amount of consideration he is getting for the award.

Don’t get me wrong, he is on the midseason list of 30 finalists and any coverage of Cougar basketball this season has been chock full of praise for the junior shooting guard (one announcer even raved, “Thompson might just be the best pure shooter in the nation.”). And yes, I am biased. I’m a senior at WSU and a huge fan of the basketball team. Waking up before dawn and camping out in the snow to be first in line for the games is a regular occurrence for me.