College Basketball

Closet Duke Fan: The time has come.

You know you love ’em.  Somewhere deep inside yourself, in places you don’t like to talk about, there grows a strong and profound love of Duke basketball.  I know, I know.  There was a time when I too shared this shameful secret.  I joined the groans that came with every Blue Devil win, year after year.  I feigned disgust every time I saw Christian Laettner drop in that famous fade away. I cursed Coach K and made wild accusations of referee tampering and tournament committee bias with the rest of the Duke haters.  Then, on one fine March evening, I realized that I liked the Dukies because of the way they focus on team basketball, the way they hustle on defense, and the way they always, always, ALWAYS win.  It was that day that I stood up and embraced my inner Blue Devil, that little voice inside my head telling me what I already knew—I am a Duke fan.