Golden State Warriors NBA

3 Ways to Improve the Warriors This Summer

With the NBA offseason nearly underway, here’s a look at the three biggest issues the Warriors need to address this summer:

1. Point guard

Bill Walsh used to say that it was better to get rid of a player one year too early, rather than one year too late. Golden State, renowned for being a progressive organization, is way ahead of the curve on this one.

Washington Wizards

Gilbert’s Defensive Comments Get Offensive

Gilbert Arenas sounded off against Coach Eddie Jordan following Sunday’s loss to the Portland Trail Blazers.

What a year it has been for Gilbert Arenas.  Sure, prior to this season he was a well-known player, an All-Star, and a must-start for any fantasy basketball team.  This season; well, let’s just say Gilbert’s stock went up like Apple’s in the 80’s.  Arenas shot into superstardom – becoming a household name, appearing in Adidas commercials alongside KG, T-Mac, and Duncan, dropping 60 points in Kobe’s face, and scorching the Suns and Steve Nash for 54 more (ending Phoenix’s 15-game winning streak).