Oakland A's

Welcome Back Old Friend

by Trevor Freeman

I believe in signs.  I do.  I firmly believe in karma as well.  I am one of those nutjobs who honestly thinks that if I screw somebody over it will come back to not only haunt me but quite possibly my beloved Oakland A’s.  Well yesterday morning, I held the door open in an elevator so that somebody who was beaded with sweat could run in.  Not only that, but I chipped in three dollars to my co-worker’s March of Dimes fundraiser.  You do little things like that not thinking there is going to be a payoff and then it happens.  As I was eating lunch at my desk with the radio quietly blaring “Tonight” by the Smashing Pumpkins, I logged onto  And there it was.  Staring me right in the eye.  

“Thomas agrees to contract with the Oakland A’s”

Giddy, I turned up the radio just in time for Billy Corgan to sing the verse “Do you believe there’s not a chance tonight?”  Fellow A’s fans, there is a chance and that is because Frank Thomas returned home for the major league minimum.  “The Big Hurt” is back in Oakland and the A’s blossoming postseason hopes got a shot in the arm that only a legend could provide.