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College Football: Don’t Change The BCS

Most people think that college football should implement some form of a playoff system.
This is the argument for why college football should leave the BCS exactly the way it is.

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The Guru’s 2008 NBA Draft Review

Team By Team Breakdown of Draft Picks

After year two of the NBA’s “one-and-done” experiment, a new crop of kids will be collecting millions of dollars, having their name plastered across ugly overpriced shoes and either joining the list of draft busts or draft steals.  Though this draft wasn’t as deep as drafts past, it still had a lot of quality players available.  But, as they always do, NBA GM’s and big wigs will find a way to screw up the future of their franchise.

Here’s a report card of the winners and losers from Thursday night.

NBA General

The Guru’s 2008 Mock NBA Draft Lottery

The Guru Predicts The 2008 NBA Draft Lottery

The ping-pong balls are done bouncing and the Association has once again found a way to make all the conspiracy theorists, like myself, concoct new assumptions about its self-serving manipulation.

But far be it from me to ever question Mr. Stern or the integrity of his league, you know the league with the betting refs, the painfully predictable games, and the one that once employed Tom Tolbert; that league.

But I digress.  The next crop of “one-and-dones” is ready to start collecting millions of dollars while trying to avoid the ranks of Kwame Brown, Darius Miles, and Michael Olowokandi.  But unlike the aforementioned busts, this next generation of kids can at least say they know what a college gym looks like.

I still think the NBA should extend the age limit rule to two years removed from high school, forcing these kids to actually take notes in class instead of doodling sketches of their first ugly, over-priced shoe.

There I go getting off topic again…

Here’s how I think June’s lottery will shake out:

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Coppin With Sabotage

For Coppin State’s baseball team, the NCAA tournament was never the goal.

After an offseason that featured its head coach resigning mid-summer to pursue a different career and all but three players quitting because of an alleged letter that Guy Robertson, the resigned coach, sent to convince the players to quit too, to an athletic budget that makes it a burden to purchase baseballs, the NCAA tournament was more than that clichéd dream from occurring. And no, they didn’t make the tournament, because you would have heard the story by now if they had.

College Football

The Argument Against Michigan

Never has an Ohio State/Michigan game been so big and meant so little.  Arguably the greatest rivalry in sports, the 42-39  epic between the two programs last Saturday may have been the most exciting installment of the series ever.  The new BCS standings could render the classic battle meaningless, however.  With Michigan ranked number two behind the Buckeyes, the once improbable notion of a rematch is now more than a possibility, it is a probability.  This would be a terrible injustice to the rest of the teams playing for a shot at the Buckeyes in Glendale, and the most convincing proof to date that college football needs a playoff.