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Fizzled Firework

There is this weird feeling that I felt when I heard that Ben Wallace was going to sign with the Chicago Bulls this off-season instead of the Detroit Pistons.  It is hard to explain, I wasn’t upset or happy.  I’m not a fan of either team, but I don’t dislike either of them like the team that wears purple and gold.  I enjoy watching the Pistons because they are one of three or four teams that still play defense, and the Bulls are that team of young guys who shoot pretty well and are a player away from being really good.  This off-season might see an Iverson trade, or a KG trade, and some definite shake-ups in New York, but one thing was supposed to be A-B-C, Ben Wallace re-signing with the Pistons.  So when the news leaked that he was Windy City bound, I really felt “blah” about it.

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Motown Madness

The end of an era in Detroit.